Junior Storytellers

Junior Storytellers

Junior Storytellers


An interactive, educationally rich literacy tool designed especially for 5 to 10 year olds bringing to life their creative imagination and actively encouraging improvement of language skills.


With the free innovative and educationally rich new storytelling app, 'Junior Storytellers", story time is as simple as -create', -animate' and -share'!


The idea for 'Junior Storytellers" was conceived by writer, mummy blogger and mum of four, Maria Tedeschi.  Designed especially for five to ten year olds with development assistance from teachers, education specialists, child psychologists and parents, 'Junior Storytellers" boosts and stimulates creativity, imagination, memory, problem-solving, vocabulary, speech rhythms and language flow.  


Visually stimulating 'Junior Storytellers" encourages kids to create, animate and safely and securely share their own creative stories with friends, family and other storytellers all over the world.  With age appropriate instructions to set up the storytelling scene and an easy tap of the record button, kids can begin to tell their own imaginative and animated story using the provided characters and props.  


'As a mum to four young ones I know how important regular reading is to improving literacy in children.  The next logical step is for them to exercise their imaginations and minds by telling their own stories.  By nature, kids are tactile and respond exceptionally well to visual stimulation and that is the goal of the Junior Storytellers app – to encourage children to be active and engaged participants in their learning process, the steps of storytelling, with parents being just as creative right alongside them" said Maria Tedeschi. 


Simple and easy to use, 'Junior Storytellers" has been uniquely designed catering for the rise of technology based learning complementing both the infants and primary school curriculum and providing an important role in the development and learning experiences for children.


With functionality to change character emotions helping kids to interpret, process and understand feelings and classic storytelling structural elements including a hero, secondary characters, obstacles and travel, 'Junior Storytellers" suits all developmental abilities through five different levels.


'Junior Storytellers" Features:

Record animated stories – set up the scene and hit record to animate stories

Safe online story sharing – parents and educators have complete control over kids sharing online

Change character emotions – use emotions to develop a richer story and assist kids to understand and express themselves

Avatar creator – allows kids to put themselves or create other characters in their stories

Sandbox mode – play with free-form storytelling

Challenge mode – kids are challenged to create a structured story with characters, obstacles and locations

Tutorials for learning – teach important elements of formal storytelling by example to assist kids develop their skills

Story Packs – eight beautifully designed Story Packs filled with settings, characters & props (Jungle Adventure, Space Odyssey, Pirate Treasures, Chinese New Year, Fairytale Fantasy, Australian Outback Adventure, Monster Mayhem, Beach Day).


The 'Junior Storytellers" School Edition offers the ideal functionality for use by teachers in a classroom containing all eight original story-packs with in app purchasing removed.  Junior Storytellers is COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Based on the idea conceived by Maria Tedeschi, Junior Storytellers was developed in conjunction with award-winning children's television producers, Media Farm, award-winning interactive entertainment producers, The Project Factory and the NSW Government.


Now available to download for free from:

App Store freemium: itunes.apple.com/us/app/junior-storytellers/id834157885

App Store School Edition: itunes.apple.com/us/app/junior-storytellers-school/id862265072


'Junior Storytellers" is a free iPad app which has in-app purchases available for $0.99AU per story pack or $4.99AU for the complete collection. 


'Junior Storytellers" website: http://juniorstorytellers.com.au

 'Junior Storytellers" trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDbJ2Db7CjA


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