Murine Clear Eyes

Murine Clear Eyes

Murine Clear Eyes

Don't let red eyes stop you from enjoying the party!

Murine Clear Eyes - The handbag secret to helping you enjoy the party season without the tell-tale signs!

First comes the office Christmas parties, then the Christmas parties with family and friends, followed all too quickly by New Year Eve parties, and then Australia Day. From November to the end of January, the party season is one you need to prepare for.

Murine® Clear Eyes is the perfect party season survival secret, clearing away the redness from the night before and brightening eyes for up to eight hours, making sure that while you might feel tired, at least your eyes won't show it!

Lots of things can cause red and bloodshot eyes; from stress, a lack of sleep, too much alcohol to smoky environments. The key active ingredient in Murine® Clear Eyes, Naphazoline Hydrochloride, is a decongestant and vasoconstrictor which helps to reduce unsightly blood vessels, clear the red and brighten eyes.

Top tips from Murine to looking after your eyes during the coming party season:
Drink plenty of water to keep your whole body, including your eyes, hydrated
Try and get plenty of sleep by avoiding repeated late nights (or make up for it by sleeping in late)
Ensure you remove contacts, eye make-up and/or false eye lashes before sleeping
Keep a bottle of Murine Clear Eyes on hand in your handbag or top drawer to refresh your eyes when they are feeling tired or looking bloodshot
Make sure you wear sunglasses while in high UV or glary environments
Take regular breaks from your computer screen – look away from the screen at least every 5 minutes and focus on something further away (Try holding your mobile phone away as far as possible while looking at facebook photos from the night before)
Stop, Revive, Survive – When driving long distances, take a break every 2 hours to rest your eyes and refresh yourself

Murine Clear Eyes RRP: $9.95
Stockists information: Available at pharmacies nationally
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