Michala Banas

Michala Banas
Michala Banas signs to Petrol Records

"Always Greener" star Michala Banas has just signed with exciting Australian Record Label Petrol Records.

Petrol Records was launched in late 2001 with the clear focus of building a music company dedicated to bringing you seriously good music. Following some of the most fascinating releases through 2002, Petrol will now unfold a diverse artist roster ready to take on the international music markets.

24 year old Michala, who has been starring for the past 2 years in the popular weekly Seven Network Series "Always Greener", had a chance meeting with CM Murphy in the early part of 2003 where she mentioned that she was performing in a band in-between her "Always Greener" commitments. One thing led to another and suddenly Michala had become the first artist signed to the label.

Immediately following Michala's signing to Petrol the search began for the "right" song to launch her career. Eventually through key international contacts Grammy Award winning US songstress Shelly Peiken (John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Meredith Brooks, Christina Aguilera, N'Sync, Celine Dion) was approached to submit a track that could offer a point of difference lyrically and musically.

"Kissin' The Wind" was finally put forward with both Michala and her label immediately falling head over heels with the track.

With the track firmly in their grasp, next stop was putting together the right musicians that would collaborate with Michala to record this little "gem". Enter Australian Engineer/Producer Craig Porteils (Bardot, Diesel, Savage Garden) who quickly assembled some of the country's leading musicians including David Leslie (Guitar - Baby Animals, Jimmy Barnes), Joey Acaria (Drums - Wendy Mathews) and Michael Mills (Bass - Alex Lloyd).

What has since been recorded is an incredibly infectious slice of Pop/Rock that will serve to be an ideal introduction for Michala - "It's always been my ambition to get back into singing. I've been looking for the right opportunity for some time and with the team at Petrol behind me, I believe the sky's the limit! Not only do I get to work every week with the incredible team on Always Greener, I also get to sing live again. I'm very excited about it all!"

Petrol Records Founder and Chairman, CM Murphy, stated, "Michala has an unbelievable work ethic, she has real spunk, real talent and a look to melt most men's shoes."

Michala's debut single, "Kissin' the Wind" will be released in May, 2003

  1. How did it feel to hear your song played all over the airwaves?

  2. Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the music industry?
    That there is no money to be made.

  3. Do you write your own songs? What's your inspiration?
    I'm trying! it's pretty hard, but I'm developing my writing - it takes time.

  4. What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?
    Depends on my mood. Diesel, Fiona Apple, Sliverchair.

  5. What's next? Tour/Album/Single?
    All of the above!

  6. Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?
    Of course.

  7. Do you prefer performing live or recording?
    Performing live for sure.

  8. What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?
    That's hard to pinpoint - singing has just always been a part of my life.

  9. What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?
    I've only just begun! The challenges are coming.

  10. What's a typical day like?
    Crazy. Busy. Fun. Crazy.

  11. What has been your favorite part of becoming a music artist?
    I get to be me.

  12. If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
    Toss up between Diesel & Ella Hooper

  13. Are you single? What do you look for in a partner?
    Very. Sense of humor, intelligence and a great smile.

  14. Do you have a website fans can visit?

  15. Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?
    Chocolate, Love, Family, Friends, Goats. (not in any particular order).

  16. What message would you like to say to your fans?
    I wouldn't be where I am without you! My sincere thanks for all your support.

60 Second Quiz
  • Full Name: Michala Elizabeth Laurinda Banas
  • Nickname(s): Mickey
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Pet: Spike, our family dog
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy, Intense, Cheeky.
  • Best Feature: My Laugh
  • Worst Feature: My Laugh
  • Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Johnny Depp
  • Hobbies/Interests: Piano, Movies, Music and Food!
  • First Job: Working in the Deli at Coles.
  • Are you a Pub, Bar or Club kind: Video at Home
  • What Can You Never Leave Home Without: A bottle of water
  • What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning: Breakfast - I love my food!

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