Devising Meal Plans

Devising Meal Plans
Last month we looked at ways of getting off the diet cycle and sticking to a lifetime of healthy living. This month I have assembled a sample meal plan that will guide you to slender pasters. You can use this as a stepping stone in which you can then expand on to introduce other foods, or as a temporary diet plan if you are not ready to fully commit, but just want to 'test' yourself. Each meal has three options, I have done this to cater to different tastes and eating choices and to provide some variety so that you aren't eating the same thing every day.

Next month, having discussed the importance of healthy eating, it will be time to talk about exercise. I will give you a table of different activities and the calories they expel. This is not to be missed as some entries are going to surprise you. For example, you will shed 45 calories and hour just chewing gum! How, you ask? While you chew you are actually working your abdominal muscles do it whilst sucking in your belly and your toning them at the same time.

You can include a glass of freshly squeezed or unsweetened bottled juice in every option as well as a coffee of tea with skim milk.

Option 1.
3 crumpets spread with condiments of your choice such as low-cal jam, honey, low fat cottage cheese or vegemite but NO BUTTER.
200g mixed berries or 2 cups of fresh fruit salad.

Option 2.
Bowl of cereal with skim milk (when choosing a cereal, opt for one that is low in fat and doesn't have added sugar, such as Wheat Bix. Most of the others may be 99% Fat Free but are loaded in sugar).
Thick slice of fruit bread, toasted and with or without a spread

Option 3. Great for Sunday brunch
1 poached or boiled egg
2 toasted English Muffins
2 rashers of fat reduced breakfast ham (good dairy cases have them), lightly sauteed
1/2 cup of steamed spinach
cup of mushrooms, halved and lightly sauteed (they can be done with the ham)

A low-cal drink, water, coffee or tea with skim milk can accompany any option.

Option 1.
Pita bread filled with salad (lettuce, beetroot, carrot, tomato, onion, mushrooms, alfalfa, etc) No butter or cheese and use a spread such as mustard or tomato relish for extra flavour.
I piece of fruit.

Option 2.
Toasted Bagel with about 100g lean shredded chicken, avocado and tomato. No butter.
I piece of fruit

Option 3.
A serving of fresh fruit salad
Tub of NO FAT yogurt poured over the fruit
A 98% Fat Free 'Slim and Trim' Muesli bar

If you like to drink with your dinner, try to limit yourself to one glass of wine and try to make it a red instead of white, as red wine has fewer calories. If you like bread at dinner, go for wholemeal and ensure that you don't go over board. Don't spread anything on it either. Wholemeal pita is a great option.

Feel free to mix and match the dishes too. For example the chicken dish with the spinach mash.

Option 1.
Home made vegetable soup (made without oil or butter) as much as you like.
A Green salad (gourmet salad mix of different lettuce) with a fat free dressing.

Option 2.
Roasted chicken with Lime and Garlic (see my recipe section).
A mixed garden salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot, etc) with fat free dressing.

Option 3.
A light white fish (flake, barramundi, whiting) steamed or baked in foil and seasoned with garlic, lemon and dill.
Spinach Mash Potato (see my recipe section).
1 corn on the cob, no butter, just seasoned with come powdered chicken stock.

You deserve a treat, but don't get into the habit of having a dessert every night, instead have a small treat like a low fat muffin with a coffee.
Eat your dessert at least 2 hours before bed and make it low in sugar. Here are a few ideas.
Weight Watchers Sweet Temptation Ice-cream
Fresh fruit with Pauls 99% Fat Free Instant Custard
No Fat yogurt topped with Organic Crunchola (in the health section of your supermarket or Health Shop.
Low-cal Jelly
A small Pavlova base, topped with a fat reduced cream and fruit

Snacks are to be eaten mid-morning and afternoon. It is important to eat small amounts frequently throughout the day as this increases your metabolism and keep your sugar level stable this combination, as well as expelling more calories than you intake is the secret to successful weight loss.

Never starve the body, as it goes into famine mode and stores the fat as a backup. The more you eat the more the body burns, as it knows it is being frequently feed. There are literally hundreds of healthy snacks to indulge on, here are some ideas.
Rice cakes with honey or low-fat cottage cheese
Japanese Rice Crackers
Fruit, fresh and dried
Vegetable sticks
Air-popped popcorn
Weight Watchers Cereal Fruit Bars
Lollies, such as jelly beans
Cup of instant soup

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Angie K - caring for your health and well being. -