Little Birdy, Confetti

Little Birdy, Confetti

Little Birdy, Confetti

Little Birdy is one of Australia's most loved bands, they have had huge success with hit singles and two top ten albums. Little Birdy has released their third album, Confetti. Confetti is being released along side a national album tour for the month of May 2009.

Katy, Simon, Barney and Matt make up the band Little Birdy. Katy Steele- vocals and guitar, Simon Leach- guitar, Scott 'Barney' O'Donoghue- bass and Matt Chequer- drums.

The first single from the album Confetti is Brother, which has already become the most played track on Triple J and the video clip has been played throughout musical television. The track features Australian music legend, Paul Kelly. Confetti also contains the track, Summarize, which is a strong track, that has been a favourite throughout Little Birdy live festival performances.

Confetti is a delightful mix of music, this is first-class Australian music, the greatest heard from Little Birdy yet. The music alters from old school bass lines and rhythms mixed with Little Birdy's classic sound. Some of the songs are so beautiful and soulfully lyrical. Confetti is a heartbreakingly stunning compilation. This is the best work Little Birdy has produced yet and the best Katy Steel ever sounded.

Confetti not only showcases Katy Steels musical ability but also her premium vocal talent, you can hear the complete commitment from her voice and band.

How did the album, Confetti, get it's name?

Katy Steele : Confetti, came from a song, which was written when I was in a space that was very, at that point it was a focus song and we wanted it to be visual. We believed that confetti was a very visual word, you could make your own interesting option, and about what it means to you, that is how it became the album name.

How does the new album Confetti differ from Hollywood?

Katy Steele : Beside the obvious things; production and that. It has a whole new different vibe, the main difference is it is a lot clearer and from a different place. Hollywood was written at a strange time in my life, every single person who is 22 or 23, like I was at that time, know it is a strange time of your life and because of the pressure I was under, I was making something I wasn't even sure about, that made it really quite hard. Having this record was very interesting. It was at the right time, I knew what I wanted to do for once, we didn't have that opportunity for the first two albums.

Tell me a little bit about the importance of the track, Brother? I have heard it is about your family:

Katy Steele : Yes, I wrote it one afternoon when I had just moved to Melbourne and I was obviously missing home. It is about a pretty obvious subject matter the first couple of lines are so obvious. I think that is why I didn't think it was good, because it was just so obvious. There are lyrics in there such as 'wait for me to show you' I think that is one that means a lot to me, I think that don't understand the importance of space, in relationships or even friendships or anything, you can imply it to anything. People like having space. It is very important. That is what that lyric is about and it applies to music, and how there is so much room to breathe.

How was it performing at Sound Relief?

Katy Steele : That was cool. Very exciting.

You write your own songs; what is the most rewarding part of this process?

Katy Steele : It is probably bring the song in with the band, with this album it was such a joyful process because I really believed what I was bringing in and the band loved it and loved it just as much as me. We then brought it to my engineer, who found the right sound, exactly what we were looking for. Then we went to an amazing studio and recorded it.

The best joy I have had was when I was sitting in the back of the room listening to this thing that we had created. We had put so much love and work into it, and I was feeling, always feeling an ecstasy when listening to it. I would feel so proud and I was loving it. It was an amazing feeling, to feel so strongly about something, like a song, that you have written. I have never felt like that before. It was pretty amazing. We are all very happy at the moment.

Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Katy Steele : I like both. I am a performer. I really didn't really realise that, but I love performing, but with that I have realised I love recording in the studio. It is a natural processes that I like, you record then you get ready to showcase that for an audience and show it off on a big level. It is just part of the process. Both of those parts are equally enjoyable. Matty really loves being in the studio, but you get him on stage and he loves that as well.

What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Katy Steele : A whole bunch of stuff. At the moment, while I was recording, I was listening to Janie Ian, a lady from the 70's I think. I have been obsessed with her music and getting into really folk music. I really get into everything, I go through stages, I think everyone does that. Oh and also Odetta, I have been getting into her music.

Katy, you have fabulous fashion, how much thought goes into what you wear?

Katy Steele : A put a bit of work into it. Because I like to work good, if I don't feel good, I don't put a good show on. I put a bit of work into that stuff.

You have been called a 'role model' for up-and-coming Australian musicians, how does this feel?

Katy Steele : I don't know. It is pretty, actually a big compliment. That is the thing, now, I finally feel like I have something to offer. I feel like I can now give some advice, which is good, because for a long time I couldn't have done that. I was just lucky, because I was really young when I started, now I would like to give as much advice as possible. I can actually give advice now.

What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Katy Steele : My brother, probably, he inspired me in a lot of ways, I was just the little sister hanging out. Then we got Triple J attention and stuff, then I naturally got into music as well and started writing songs.

How has Little Birdy evolved since you first began in 2002?

Katy Steele : Changed so much! We got to know each other better I think, we didn't know each other, we'd pretty much only just met. Luckily we were all really good friends and had great chemistry and friendship that has lasted. It is only getting better, we just hang out, it is good. We enjoy everything that we have to do. Being in a band isn't all that it cracked up to be! It is so much work! You really have to love what you do, to do this. It is so much work. It is so rewarding when you have created something and when you are able to play shows and go to rehearsal and do that. It is so much fun. It is hard as well.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Katy Steele : John Lennon, I guess everyone says that. He is just, he can tap into that place that I like to try and tap into, he is in this honest place. I don't think there is anyone as honest as John Lennon, well there probably has, but I haven't heard it. I wish he didn't die.

Prized Possession:

Katy Steele : My acoustic guitar. Without it I'd be pretty lost.

Track Listing:
Stay Wild
Into My Arms
Dark of Night
Run Run Run
Everyone is sleeping
Porcelain (Hidden Track)

Tickets for the Confetti tour and the album, Confetti, are on sale now.

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