Kids Zone Save the Dinos PC Game

Kids Zone Save the Dinos PC Game

Help Professor D Save Her Dino Bone Collection!

Save the Dinos is a children's game that challenges young players to help a paleontologist fight off bands of marauding Bone Monkeys before they destroy the many dinosaur skeletons the scientist has painstakingly reconstructed. Featuring fun, fast and easily accessible gameplay, Save the Dinos will also help kids learn more about their favourite dinosaurs.

Professor D, a Paeo-Genius, has been hard at work assembling the most significant collection of dinosaur fossils in the world for a future Paleo Park. When out of nowhere, a Bone Monkey invasion has begun, and you must keep this bone-chiseling team of monkeys away from the dino bones.

Save the Dinos' stunning dinosaur skeletal models are created by the DinoMorph™ engine, a powerful tool that has been used in National Geographic and Science Channel documentaries and major museum exhibits. Gamers will interact with the giant creatures through more than 30 levels as they use beach balls, banana cannons, bowling balls and other off-the-wall items to fend off the monkey invasion. Over 60 humorous voices speak all the text in the game so even young, non-reading, dino fans can enjoy the fun. Three difficulty settings let everyone in the family select a challenge that is just right.

Key Features

* Enjoy more than 30 monkey-bonking dino-saving levels.
* Use skill and knowledge to save the dinos from extinction.
* Powered by the DinoMorph™ engine used in National Geographic and Science Channel documentaries and exhibits at major museums.
* Over 60 entertaining voices keep you learning and laughing as you test your Dino knowledge.
* Use beach balls, banana cannons, oversized ice cubes, bowling balls, and more as you try to save the Dinos from the bone stealing, ill-mannered monkeys.

RRP: $19.95

Rating: G
Platform: WinXP/Vista
Developer: Kaibridge Games
Distributor: Mindscape

Kids Zone 'Save the Dinos' is available through all major retailers and computer software outlets or online at Mindscape.

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