Eureka Maths Skills Builder

Eureka Maths Skills Builder

Eureka Maths Skills Builder

Ages 5 to 12

Assisting in the development of a child's mathematical ability, Maths Skills Builder teaches and reinforces essential maths skills through drill and practice, fun characters and engaging 3D games. Children will learn:

Addition of 1 to 3 digit numbers;
Subtraction of 1 to 3 digit numbers;
Times tables - 1 to 12;
Multiplying with large and small numbers;
Simple and long division;
Using trading to divide by 10;
Rows and Groups;
Applying time correlations of both analogue and digital;
Using money to buy and sell;
Problem Solving; and
Memory recall.

Includes over 150 printable activity worksheets

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Eureka Maths Skills Builder
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