Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer
For the past twenty years, acclaimed Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been the driving force behind many blockbuster movies including Beverley Hills Cop, Top Gun, Con Air and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of The Black Pearl. More recently, Bruckheimer has directed his considerable talents towards the small screen, producing such TV hits as the CSI series, Without A Trace, Cold Case and The Amazing Race.

Early in his career, Bruckheimer began his producing days in the advertising industry, creating television commercials. With former roommate Don Simpson, he then formed production company Simpson Bruckheimer Films, and with its distinctive thunderbolt logo, it became the pre-eminent Hollywood movie production house in the 1980s and 90s. After the death of Simpson in 1996, Bruckheimer created JB Films, and went on to produce such classics as Pearl Harbour and Black Hawk Down, as well as bringing the distinctive Bruckheimer flair to several television shows for the very first time.

Bruckheimer makes no apologies for his wildly popular and lucrative films, making no secret of the fact that his films are often designed purely to sweep audiences off their feet and transplant them to another realm. "We are in the transportation business," Bruckheimer has been quoted as saying. "We transport audiences from one place to another."
vHis latest film, King Arthur, signals a shift from the typical movies we have come to expect from the hand of this talented producer. King Arthur is a lavish and often raw depiction of the man who became a legend, and is rooted firmly in historical facts. It is the definitive story of the leader and warrior who emerged to lead the Britons against the Saxons, and stars an award winning and stellar cast that includes Clive Owen as Arthur, Ioan Gruffud as Lancelot and the radiant Keira Knightley as Guinevere.

This realistic portrayal of the Arthurian legend is what attracted Bruckheimer to the script. "That's what excited me about this film - it's a new look at a tale that we thought we were familiar with," Bruckheimer explains.

"I love going to the movies and watching big, epic films and I also love making films that change your perceptions through telling a story in a much more realistic way. That is what King Arthur does: it tells you the true story of what was going on during that period."

A critical success, King Arthur has proven itself a worthy addition to the stable of Bruckheimer films.

Currently, in addition to working on the latest series' of CSI, The Amazing Race, Cold Case and Without a Trace, Bruckheimer has recently released the film National Treasure in the US, starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Bean, and is involved in pre-production for civil rights drama Glory Road, as well as the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bruckheimer's thrilling adventure of King Arthur is now available on video and DVD. The DVD is available in two separate formats: the M version that was shown theatrically and a never-before-seen extended Director's Cut of the film, running for an additional 18 minutes and including some unforgettable scenes.

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