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What Is A Treatment And When Should I Use One?

Treatments are often confused with conditioners, or the term "conditioner" is used as a generalisation to categorise four different types of strengthening and moisturising products. True conditioners are "surface acting" in that they provide temporary protection and strength to the hair. They are a bit like a sheath, in that the product does not penetrate the hair, it provides a microscopically thin protective film giving smoothness and compatibility. This is different to treatments, which penetrate the hair, restoring and maintaining internal strength.

Conditioners are generally used every time you shampoo whilst treatments are applied either by you or your professional hairdresser when needed (no more than once a week normally). The two types of treatment are:

- Reconstructors, which make the hair stronger, they are generally protein based.
- Moisturisers which balance the moisture content of the cortex.

On the other hand, conditioners are:
- Rinses and acidifiers are used to close the cuticle and seal the hair.
- Thermal protectors to prevent heat damage before it starts. (Conditioner/finishing product).

So how do I apply them properly?

As with most products, treatments should be applied using the instructions on the pack or by your professional hairdresser.

The amount needed also varies greatly depending on the product and how much hair you have.

Do not leave treatments in your hair for longer than instructed, especially if using a protein-based treatment, as these will have no extra effect, and may even make your hair brittle.

If your hair is in really bad shape a twice a week treatment may be needed, but generally for fair to poor conditioned hair once a week is recommended. For general maintenance go to once a fortnight or once a month.

Remember your hair can only take in so much extra nourishment, over doing it on the treatment side means you are wasting your money as it is simply rinsing down the plug! is the only place to find out everything you would ever need to know about your hair. From the latest looks and styles and how to maintain them, through to practical stuff like how to get the best out of your next salon visit, what products are best for you and medical conditions of the hair and scalp. For all the latest about hair, check out Virtual HairCare


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