Healthy Hair for Summer

Healthy Hair for Summer
The sun's rays can damage hair so it is important to protect your hair from the harsh elements of the summer sun, to keep it looking healthy and shiny.

Unlike our skin, hair doesn't have a way of telling you it's suffering until it's too late. If you love being outdoors in summer you'll probably notice that your hair may tend to become drier and brittle during this season.

You can prevent this kind of damage quite easily by conditioning your hair with a treatment at least once a week.

Hair needs moisture regularly, especially coloured or permed hair. Use products like a leave-in conditioner or moisture serum to protect and moisturise dry brittle ends.

Protect your hair and scalp from the sun by wearing a hat or use products, which contain sun protection. Many shampoos and sprays offering this protection are now available and it is wise to have these products on hand. For these products to be effective it's important to reapply them as often as you would sunscreen to your skin. A wide toothed comb should be used to disperse the product evenly.

Coloured or permed hair can become dry and brittle if sea or chlorinated water is not thoroughly rinsed out after swimming. Chlorinated water can often give blonde hair a greenish tinge because it acts as another form of bleach.

Stay away from the midday sun if venturing outdoors in summer, as this is the time when the sun is at its most harmful.

It is important throughout summer to keep hair well moisturised, treated and protected to ensure you have healthy and shiny hair.

- Belinda Tartaglia

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