KMS Daily Fixx Regimen

KMS Daily Fixx Regimen

The new KMS Daily Fixx range addresses problems that plague hair, by providing effective solutions with a range of seven products designed to deliver just the right "fix".

Daily Fixx helps alleviate key haircare problems whether they are seasonal/periodic or everyday issues. The range of shampoos and reconstructors are specifically formulated to reduce dryness, dandruff, excessive oil, and impurities, or simply to maintain hair balance.

The Daily Fixx mantra - "Fixx it and Forget it" - reflects today's modern lifestyle. Daily Fixx is ideal for time poor people who are seeking quick solutions, to very specific problems and with an emphasis on cleansing which is often the root of poor hair condition.

The Daily Fixx line-up includes Daily Fixx Moisture Shampoo and Reconstructor, which is formulated for dry hair, to replenish moisture and restore body and manageability. Daily Fixx Clarifying Shampoo and Treatment removes impurities via a chelating action, which is designed to repel mineral deposits found in chlorine and hard water, and is also ideal for removing product build-up.

For oily hair, Daily Fixx Totally Clean Shampoo is the answer and helps control oil build-up by deep cleansing without stripping. Daily Fixx's Dandruff Shampoo reduces dandruff and has been clinically tested to control dandruff and an itchy scalp.

For an everyday fix, there's Daily Fixx Everyday Shampoo, which infuses hair with much needed nutrients while promoting shine and pliability. This can be used daily, while the other shampoos are recommended on, an as needed basis. The Daily Fixx range can be used in conjunction with other hair regimens. It's adaptability makes it suited for all hair types and needs.

The KMS Daily Fixx Regimen is available from select hair salons.

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