Giorgio Armani Prive Fall/Winter 2016

Giorgio Armani Prive Fall/Winter 2016

Giorgio Armani Prive Fall/Winter 2016

The Beauty Look By Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani

ESSENCE An air of exclusive elegance, evocative of haute couture. Masculine patterns emphasised by size and colour. Grey turns silver, light blue takes on icy tones, pink evolves into tea rose hues. The essence of Armani.

Linda Cantello interprets Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2016 in make-up: "Ultimate Haute Couture beauty. Pure, faultless, Armani."

The make-up look step by step:

SKIN Prepare the skin with Armani Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Balm ($128). Apply Crema Nuda ($243) in shade matching the natural skin colour and add High Precision Retouch ($56) when needed. Finish with light beige Luminous Silk Compact ($118) powder (shade 2).

FACE CONTOUR Use Eye & Brow Maestro ($49) in "sand blond" (shade 12) to contour the temples. Apply brown Smooth Silk Eye Pencil ($44, shade 12) under the cheekbones. Blend smoothly down the colour with a hint of High Precision Retouch and Cremea Nuda. If needed, to give depth to the bottom lip, use Eye & Brow Maestro in "sand blond" (shade 12) under the lower lip.

EYES Apply black Smooth Silk Eye Pencil (shade 4) on the outer corner of the eye, the "classic couture" way. Define and smudge close to the upper lash line and fill in the shape with the black matte eyeshadow of the upcoming Armani NIGHT LIGHT Collection palette ($118, on counter in 20 November 2016, DJs & Myer, selected doors only). Smudge the bottom lash line to achieve a soft smokey effect. Use the white matte eyeshadow from the same Night Light palette in the center of the lid and blend. Finish with the NEW extra-volume mascara Eccentrico ($57, on counter 4 September 2016, DJs, Myer, Sephora) in "obsidian black" on top lashes.

EYE BROWS The start of the brows is emphasized, softly smudged, creating a shadow effect with the taupe matte eyeshadow of the Night Light palette. Apply then High Precision Brow Pencil ($44) in"copal" (shade 3) to fill in gently with small strokes to the outer third of the brows for a straight, thicker, square but yet natural result.

LIPS Dab gently with fingers the new Armani second-skin intense lip colour.

LIP MAGNET ($58, on counter 16 October 2016, DJs, Myer, Sephora) in "fusion" (shade 506). Add on a thin layer of the new HIM/HER LIPCARE lip balm ($42, on counter 2 October 2016, DJs, Myer, Sephora) in the transparent shade (n°1).

NAILS Nails are deep burgundy with Giorgio Armani NAIL LACQUER ($40) in shade 602 "night viper".

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