Food Investigators

Food Investigators

Food Investigators

Surprising information about food that may just change your appetite

Hospital doctor, actor and healthy eating enthusiast Dr Renee Lim is a woman with a mission. From domestic kitchens to high tech factories, from farmers markets to supermarkets, she's out and about finding exactly what Australians are eating.

Assisted by food scientist-turned-stand-up comedian Joe Avati and a team of top dietitians, the Food Investigators will use cutting edge science to take us through food debates, health scares and uncover exactly how our food is made.

No scare stories, no food panics, just solid information about what you're putting in your mouth.

Confused by labels? Lite? Natural? What they say isn't always what they mean. We'll have an insiders guide to deconstructing the information on the packet. Plus our investigators will be looking at common misconceptions: why processed is sometimes better than fresh. When frozen is sometimes the best option.

Do you always walk the same route round the supermarket? Can you always find exactly what you want? We'll be finding out the science behind your shopping experience.

Can what you eat help you get a good night's sleep? Does eating like our ancestors improve our health? Is soup the answer to Australia's obesity crisis? Our teams of volunteers will trial the latest thinking in diets and report back.

And the staples in your cupboard- eggs, bread, milk. The choice is now bewildering, so how do you choose? Our experts will be able to help you through the maze - and much of the information is surprising. Food Investigators will be full of counter-intuitive information, as we arm the Australian shopper with the means to detect fact from fiction.

Food Investigators will investigate the food on our plates, revealing the facts behind the food we eat that will surprise you, shock you, and definitely affect your appetite.

If you care about what you eat and want to know more, Food Investigators are at your service!

Review: With so many choices and not enough time to spend or dedicate to cooking, it's a great help to have the Food Investigors to help you make the right choices.

Food Investigators
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