Donna Hay Magazine Spring Issue 47

Donna Hay Magazine Spring Issue 47

Donna Hay Magazine Spring Issue

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This issue is all about delicious seasonal fare that's simply prepared, giving you more time outdoors soaking up the balmy weather and the company of loved ones and friends. From fresh vibrant chicken salads to step-by-step mouth-watering piazza and classic cookie recipes we have spring covered.

Pizza Parlour- perfect pizza every time
Homemade pizza is a fun affair for all. Turn your kitchen into your very own pizzeria, invite a crowd and don't be daunted by making the dough- our simple guide shows you how. Try your won combination of toppings or opt for our cherry tomato, basil and mozzarella recipes or tasty crowd-pleasing cheesy garlic pizzas.

Spring Salads- our best chicken salads
As the warmth of spring invites you outside, this fast and fresh compilation takes the season's best produce and lets it shine in a medley of simple and versatile chicken salads. Enjoy a contrast of textures and flavours from lemon chicken couscous salad with yoghurt dressing to chicken tomato and mozzarella pasta salad.

Fast flavours- easy midweek meals
Make the most of the longer days and create quick and easy meals for any day of the week. Spicy salmon with corn and tomato salad will put a spring in your step or fire up the barbecue for honey and garlic lamb kebabs.

Classic Cookies- all your old favourites
Enjoy the warm, sweet smell and the delight of home-baked cookies. These classic recipes, from lemon shortbread to jam drops and chocolate ginger chews, will be enjoyed by big hands or small. Savour the aroma, share the nostalgia and be the star of the tea party.

Donna Hay Magazine Spring Issue
Issue 47

Review: Always inspirational, Donna Hay makes spring look tasty. If feel like planning ahead, a Donna Hay year subscription is a great idea for Christmas. I know it will be on my wish list.