Floating Candles as Centerpieces

Floating Candles as Centerpieces

Floating Candles as Centerpieces

Using candles for decorating is one of the best ways to create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner table or for your wedding reception. From the whimsical to the elegant styles, one can make floating candles to suit the theme of the occasion. Not only are they pretty but also very affordable and readily available. The following ideas will help you design awesome floating candle centerpieces for indoor or outdoor use.

Floating Candle Centerpiece Ideas
Floating candle centerpieces are basically made up of a bowl, some rocks, marbles and a floating candle. The good news is that all these materials are all readily available. As for the candles, you can always go for the colour, the shape or the scent that suits your occasion.

How to Choose the Right Holder
There is a variety of candle holders that you can always try out. From the exquisite glass holders to the plain glass holders there is always a great choice. Ideally for a decorative look, use a martini glass holder. Fill up the glass with crystals, water and colorful floating candles. As for wedding centerpieces you can always go for the pillar holders due to their outstanding and gorgeous designs. Another great candle holder idea is the votive holders. With their modernised look and sleek designs, you can be sure to create an ambient atmosphere by applying them. If you are looking for a simple (yet elegant style), always go for the coloured tea light holders they'll never disappoint.

How to add unique designs for your centerpieces
After you have settled on the best type of holder for your occasion, you can place small glass prisms, acrylic crystals, marbles or translucent rocks at its bottom so as to add some depth to it. Ideally, you can also wrap diamond tassels around the vessel to give it an authentic touch. Water pearls are also a superb way to decorate your candle centerpieces. They come in wide range of colors such as lavender yellow, pearl white, black, gold or cream. Always be sure to choose the right one for the right occasion.

How Chose the Right Candle
There is a huge variety of candles available. Depending on the nature of the occasion, you can always go for the candle that compliments the moment. For instance you can go for the heart shaped candles for a valentine day occasion or star shaped candles during Christmas celebrations. Whatever your pick is, you can always sample out from the following range of varieties: gardenias candles, orchid candles, pansies candles, rosebud candles, sunflower candles etc. Scented candles always have a unique way of defining the occasion (try out a soothing aroma or a calm aroma to create a relaxed environment).

How to Choose the Right Flowers
When selecting the flowers, always go for the type that enhances the beauty of the floating candles. Some of the best flower ideas include carnation and chrysanthemum. If you find fresh flowers not ideal, you can always try out the artificial ones.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use candles for any occasion and special event. Candles can also be used for both indoor and outdoor events. If you are therefore looking for a creative way to enhance your special moments, floating candle centerpieces are the best way to go. For all types of candles and candle making materials visit Natural Candle Supply.
Written by Sashka