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Female for Life

Finding the motivation to exercise and get into shape is a challenge for all women. One of the first stumbling blocks is often trying to find fitness clothing that sits comfortably. For the plus size community this has been impossible, until now.

A Female for Life survey found that 87% of women feel more motivated to exercise when they are comfortable in their workout gear. One survey respondent explained "Female for Life gear helped me feel good when working out so that I could go to group exercise classes and not feel frumpy and ugly in exercise clothes that didn't flatter my larger shape. I have now lost 18kgs and still have another few to go but getting into my Female for Life gear makes exercise all the more enjoyable and my remaining goal all the more achievable."

Female for Life launched in October 2009 with a range of sexy fitness clothing which caters for not only the lean, but for the curvy and voluptuous amongst us.

"Women deserve to feel confident and beautiful, especially when they exercise" explains Melanie Becker, the founder of Female for Life. "With confidence comes motivation and with motivation comes results. The feedback from our customers has been inspiring and overwhelming. 85% of our customers feel that wearing our gear has helped them achieve their fitness goals."

Female for Life offers an active online blog that is filled with articles which educate women regardless of their fitness levels including explaining the basics to providing heart pumping tips for the ultimate summer abs.

Female for Life is an online brand that offers a convenient, friendly and supportive environment for women to get in shape with gear available in positive sizing (Petite: 6-8, Sexy: 10-12, Curvy: 14-16, Voluptuous: 18-20 and Bella: 22-24) and the easy to use website allows women to view the gear on their body shape.

Review: Female for Life offers a wide range of stylish, high-quality and flattering fitness gear to suit all female figures. The entire Female for Life range is versatile and comfortable which provides females with reassurance that they can look great whilst exercising. Catering for all women from petite to plus, Female for Life supplies fashionable fitness clothing in elegant fabrics including a striking yoga range which has recently been extended to include specific clothing for different types of yoga such as Bali Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

For more information see www.FemaleForLife.com.au and www.Facebook.com/FemaleForLife.