DUO Antibacterial

DUO Antibacterial

DUO Antibacterial

'Duo Dirt Fighter' to the rescue
First to fight those nasty germs in cold water.

You wouldn't think that faecal matter and bacteria may be lurking in your 'clean' washing machine, would you? Well, think again!

Clothes, especially children's cloth nappies, attire and undergarments can harbour potentially harmful bacteria that feed on stains and sweat. This kind of bacteria is not easily removed in cold water washing cycles, which 76 percent of Australians now use.

DUO Antibacterial "Dirt Fighter" has come to the rescue! PZ Cussons, a global innovator in the laundry category.

Ms. Cathy Rixon, DUO Antibacterial Washing Powder Brand Manager at PZ Cussons Australia said, "We're really excited about this new product, it helps to protect your family from harmful everyday bacteria and provides you with the comfort and confidence that your laundry doesn't just look and smell clean but IS clean."

Countless research papers have been published on the germs that fester in our washing machines. Some dirty laundry facts you may not know are alarming. A study that tested 100 washing machines, found 60 percent showed positive for coliform bacteria, an indicator of faecal contamination and various germs including salmonella and E. Coli., with another 20 percent containing staphylococcus aures (staph).*

Even after washing, bacterial contamination was found throughout the clothing and on the machine tub itself. The bacteria left behind, even showed up in subsequent wash loads.*

DUO is specially formulated with an Antibacterial agent to remove those germs at low temperatures, making cold water washes more hygienically clean. The product is also a cost effective solution to fight odours and dirt in clothes such as sweaty sports gear, underwear, socks, work wear, towels and linen that harbour germs daily, without having to change your cold washing habits.

DUO Antibacterial can be found at Woolworths/Safeway, Franklins and your local independent supermarkets at a low cost of just $5.99 for a 950g box and $11.99 for 2.35Kg box. Call the DUO Consumer Line on (FREE CALL) 1800 809 282 to find your closest stockist.

*Dr. Chuck Gerba, Microbiologist, University of Arizona, Germs Lurking in your Laundry, October 2009.