Dr. Vranjes Firenze Fragrances

Dr. Vranjes Firenze Fragrances

Dr. Vranjes Firenze Fragrances

Dr. Vranjes' boutique line of home décor fragrances, which are renowned throughout Italy and Europe, is now available in Australia.

Handcrafted in an artisan laboratory in the heart of Florence, Dr Vranjes, a chemist, pharmacist and cosmetologist, uses only natural ingredients and the finest essential oils in his life; creating truly unique subtle fragrances.

Dr Vranjes Firenze decor diffusers provide a flameless air freshener and make am equally elegant centrepiece for any room in the home.

Available in two sizes to suit your space, 250ml and 500ml, these diffusers provide continual aromas for 3 and 6 months respectively.

The Lamparfum in the home fragrance range eliminates odour and bacteria in the air when lit, and then emits a subtle fragrance. Perfect for deodorising kitchens after cooking, the Lamparfum will last around a month when used once daily for 30 minutes.

Each fragrance for the décor diffusers and Lamparfums is decantered into crystal or ceramic bottles which are handmade by local Tuscan artists.

Available in elegant grey or Bordeaux frosted glassblown jars, Dr. Vranjes scented candles bring warmth and ambience to any room.

The Dr Vranjes Firenze décor diffusers, Lamparfums and candles are available in seven scents: Acqua (musk and marine algae), Fuoco (nutmeg, ginger and sandalwood), Rosso Nobile (red wine infused with herbs and spices), Ginger e Lime, Vanilla & Mandarine, Melongrano (pomegranate) and Lavanda e Timo (Lavendar).

An eight scent, Magnolia Orchedia (Magnolia and Orchid) will be added to the home fragrance collection.

Discover the Dr Vranjes Firenze scented décor products to enhance your home's living environment.
The quality of Dr Vranjes décor fragrance lines are unparalleled and represent luxury fragrance at its best.

Prices start from $60 for candles, $89 for the diffusers, $149 for the Lamparfums and $39 for the Lamparfum refills.

Which Scent Where?

It is important to find a scent which is suitbale for each room of the home, taking into consideration factors such as spaces, size, light and furniture as well emotions each Dr Vranjes fragrances can transmit. Below are a few scent recommendations:

Kitchen: For smaller spaces which need to have constant airing to neutralise cooking smells use Melograno or Vaniglia Mandarino.

Dining Room: To create an intimate dining setting and to induce appetite, use Melograno and Rollow Nobile.

Living Room: For subtle and fresh aroma that is easy to live with and assists in relaxation try Fuoco, Melograno, Aqua or Ginger and Lime.

Bathroom: To keep bathrooms smelling fresh and deodorised use Acqua.

Bedroom: To reduce stress, aid relaxation and sleep with a scent that is not overpowering try Lavenda e Timo and Acqua.

Study: To energise, reduce anxiety and assist with concentration try, Fuoco, Ginger e Lime or Vaniglia Mandarino.

Entrance/Hallway: To purify the air for a clean and inviting environment use Melograno or Ginger e Lime.

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