Fast Ed's Dinner In 10

Fast Ed's Dinner In 10

Fast Ed's Dinner In 10
Cook simple, stylish food in 10 minutes flat

Get home - get cooking - get eating - all in 10 minutes flat.

In these harried, frantic and over-committed days a proper cooked dinner sometimes is just too much effort and takes way too long. The result is boring, this-will-do affairs night or night or another greasy takeaway for what should be the most special meal of the day. Not any longer. In DINNER IN 10 the terribly tall and talented TV chef Ed Halmagyi shows just how easy it is to create hundreds of yummy dishes in a mere 10 minutes from assembling the ingredients to plating up the inviting offering.

Clever Ed provides more than 200 knockout recipes that celebrate soup, seafood, fish, veggies, pasta, meat and poultry. There's even a chapter on dreamy desserts - after all, Ed spent 10 years as a pastry chef. And there are no cans of soup or bottled sauces in sight, just fresh, quality, healthy ingredients to cook from scratch in a flash.

Tempting recipes you'll adore:
* Egg noodle soup with crab, baby corn and tamarind
* Smoked trout pate with garlic toasts and basil salad
* Glazed lamb tenderloins with treacle and soy sauce on crushed white beans
* Piri-piri chicken drumettes with zucchini fritters and avocado oil vinaigrette
* Spaghettini with anchovies, green olives, peas and almonds
* Peanut butter brownie balls with sugar-cured rhubarb

You never knew it could be so easy to throw dinner together. Step-by-step, minute-by-minute - foolproof, delicious, fast.

Ed Halmagyi is a trained chef who started his career in top restaurants in Canada and Australia, working his way up the ranks to head chef. Now he is the popular cooking presenter on Better Homes and Gardens TV. He also hosts his own show, Fast Ed's Fast Food, on Channel 7 each afternoon and makes guest appearances on The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie. He is the co-host of the Better Homes and Gardens radio show on national FM radio each Saturday morning and contributes regularly to the Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Dinner In 10
Random House Australia
Author: Ed Halmagyi
ISBN: 9781741668797
RRP: $34.95