Coloured Olympic Exercise Book

Coloured Olympic Exercise Book

Coloured Olympic Exercise Book

We each have a personality colour, represented by the clothes we choose to wear, the colours in our bedroom to our favourite exercise book colours.

'Our instinctual choice of colour describes a lot about ourselves, how we function and how others see us," says blogger and Education expert, Raelene Curwood.

Olympic has shed some light on the colours featured in their new tough range of 'PP" exercise books, featuring tough plastic covers to last the school year intact.

Take the challenge and see whether your colour preference and personality traits match up! Try the Olympic PP personality matcher for yourself at

Do you love purple?
People who are partial to purple are usually quiet, a little emotional at times, but highly respected by their peers.

They are known to be elegant, creative, lateral thinkers and spiritual.

Other fun facts: Purple can help lower blood pressure and can calm overactive glands and organs.

Do you love red?
Those that favour red are most likely to be courageous, exuberant, bold and passionate about their personal interests.

They are also likely to be athletic, impulsive and a little argumentative.

Other fun facts: Red aids with digestion, increases blood pressure and increases strength!

Do you love blue?
Those who are most fond of blue can be described as serene, calm, sincere and fiercely loyal to their friends and family.

They can also be considered responsible, practical, conservative and considerate of others.

Other fun facts: Blue lowers blood pressure and is cooling and relaxing!

Do you love green?
People who adore green are compassionate, conventional, traditional and envious.

They are known to be balanced individuals who love routine and spending time one-on-one with friends.

Other fun facts: Green curbs appetite and can help energise!

Do you love aquamarine?

Those who love aquamarine can be described as optimistic, cheerful, warm and wise.

They love innovative gadgets, are good communicators but are very cautious at times.

Other fun facts: Aquamarine helps sharpen memory and decreases ittirability.

So the next time you reach for your favourite exercise book – remember what it says about your personality!

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