Christopher Mintz Plasse Kick-Ass Interview

Christopher Mintz Plasse Kick-Ass Interview

Christopher Mintz Plasse Kicks some Ass.

SDCC: Christopher Mintz Plasse, KICK-ASS Interview by Paul Fischer

Ever since his breakout performance in Superbad, Christopher Mintz Plasse is on a roll. In his new film he teams up with Nic Cage in the superhero movie with a twist, Kick Ass. The actor spoke to Paul Fischer at Comic Con.

Q: What action scenes do you have?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: I am in, I would say two. Two action sequences.

Q: What are they?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: They come near the end of the movie where I don't even want to spoil anything. I feel bad but that's really when my character gets to his fullest form is in the end, and I can't ruin that for you guys.

Q: Any change Red Mist could ever overtake the legacy of McLovin?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Oh, you know what? In a different way. I think that the only reason I ever have sex with women is because of Superbad. It's a known fact.

Q: How's that going?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: You know, I'm up to like 400. I'm up there. I'm ashamed though. I do my best.

Q: So how might Red Mist do for you?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: I think that they're just going to look forward to seeing me as an action hero in leather.

Q: What was your favorite part of this project?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Well, I was very excited that they casted me in this movie first off. I didn't think I was going to get it. Then just working with everybody was incredible. I've never worked with Clark. We've known each other. We got to work together and working with Jane and Matthew and Aaron and Chloe.

Q: Tell us about your character.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Yeah, I play Red Mist. He really loves what Kick Ass is doing so he wants to partake in that. His rich dad kind of funds him some money so he can get a costume and get a car. He goes out at night and tries to stop crime.

Q: Could you identify with your character?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Yeah, it was easy playing an 18 year old but I would never. I don't have a rich family, first off, and I would never go out at night and try to be a superhero. It's not for me.

Q: Matthew said you deliver a lot of the humor.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Oh wow. Yeah, I'm full of those one-liners. I don't know, I just try to be as obnoxious and annoying as I can until Matthew gets really angry and yells at me on set. This guy [Clark Duke] brings the funny. You got some laughs.

Q: Has it been hard to escape Superbad and find different characters?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: I would say know because that movie, that's what put me on the map and I'm only working now because of how huge a hit that movie was. I got to do Role Models which is a completely different role and I got to do an action movie now. It really opened the door for me I'd say so I was very grateful for that, 100%.

Q: What else are you doing?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: I haven't filmed a movie since this. I've done a couple animated movies and I'm just looking for the next project now.

Q: Is this your first Comic Con?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Second.

Q: Are you optimistic the film will get distribution?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Yes. I don't want to just say, "Oh yeah, it's going to get it," but I'd feel very comfortable after what I saw.

CD: I don't want to jinx it but I can't imagine it not getting it.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: I couldn't see how if anyone was in there and heard the audience, they'd go, "No, we don't want to buy that."

CD: It got a standing ovation. You never know, butů

Q: Maybe it was a McLovin standing ovation.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: That's it. Strictly because I was there. If I wasn't there, they would have all run out, all 6000 of them.

Q: How does it turn superheroes on its head?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: It's just so hilariously violent. He gets stabbed and then hit by a car. They keep giving it to him. It's amazing.

Q: What's Chris's relationship like with his father? Does dad know?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Well, at first his dad's very rich so he always has a bodyguard. Chris is very in the shadow of his father. He looks up to his father, he loves him but he really wants his own freedom. Then his dad is the villain and he wants to get Kick Ass, so I kind of create a scheme to help him. That's me becoming a superhero and then I actually become friends with Kick Ass and I'm kind of drawn between the two. I kind of went off on a tangent there, I apologize. His relationship is good with his father. That's all I got. That's all I can take care of for you guys, I'm sorry.

Q: Are you a fan of superhero comics?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: No, I'm not. My dad's a huge fan so he's got them lying around everywhere. So I pick them up every now and then but I'm not a huge fan.

Q: So this isn't your first Con?

Christopher Mintz Plasse: No, second. I was here for Superbad two years ago.

Q: This is an appropriate film.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Yeah. Yeah, sure. If Sorority Row can be here, Superbad can be here.

Q: I met you for that.

Christopher Mintz Plasse: Oh yeah, how was that? Did you enjoy what you saw? Good to see you again.


Starring: Nicolas Coppola, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz, Xander Berkeley, Clark Duke
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Genre: Action/Adventure

Synopsis: Despite lacking any talent or powers, a normal, comic-obsessed teenager dons a costume and picks up a baseball bat to combat crime.