Caravan Cubbies

Caravan Cubbies

Caravan Cubbies

Melbourne based builder, Kim Polglaze has reinvented the humble old children's cubby-house with his launch of Caravan Cubbies; a retro looking cubby-house for kids of all ages that is inspired from the original tear drop caravan from the 1950's. After launching the business only two months ago, the business is booming and a Caravan Cubby is at the top of many children's wish-list this year for Christmas.

Like most long standing inventions, the concept for the Caravan Cubbies was sparked because the builder and father of four was looking for a unique and beautiful looking cubby for his children.

Caravan Cubbies creator, Kim Polglaze states, -as proud parents of four young children and running a small
construction company, my wife and I always knew a cubby house was going to be on the agenda. I wanted the kids to have a really cool cubby that they could be proud of and one that would encourage their imagination to go wild. As a dad and also a builder, I wanted to create something special for the kids, I really didn't want to let the kids down. Some of my fondest memories as a child are being on holiday at a caravan park with my family, its almost like a right of passage for Australian kids. Caravans mean; new places, new people, holidays, family and fun; the perfect inspiration for kids & their imagination."

The idea for Caravan Cubbies was originally created when business owner, Kim Polglaze saw a retro looking caravan for sale on the side of the road. Kim thought the caravan would make a great cubby for the kids and also look great in the backyard. Upon further investigation, it turned out that retro caravans were making a come back onto the market and the caravan was way out of his price range.

A week later, whilst Kim was at his local park with his kids, he spotted a very old, tiny and extremely dirty caravan in the backyard of a house that backed onto the playfields. It had an inch of leaves on the roof and looked like it hadn't been moved for twenty years, but as a builder, Kim could see the potential and decided to investigate the caravan further. After introducing himself to the owner, it turns out that the caravan was just being used as a -junk room' and the owner was more than happy for Kim to take it off her hands.

After collecting the caravan and giving it a good clean as well as a thorough checking over, it was obvious that there was no chance the kids were getting the van as a cubby! Apart from a couple of broken windows and a few dents, it all worked - lights, brakes, everything. The caravan was going to be fixed up and was destined for the road.


Unfortunately, this created a problem, as although Kim's kids liked the idea of going camping in the caravan, they had their hearts set on it being a cubby. Here is where Caravan Cubbies was born. Kim set out to personally build a cubby that looked like the retro looking caravan he had found in the park.

When the cubby was complete, Kim sent photo's around to some friends as it was truly unique. Everyone loved it so much that he made some more. Within weeks, Kim had a backlog of orders from family and friends. Within just 2 months of building the cubbies, Kim has turned the concept into a flourishing business and is now building the cubbies to order.

Caravan Cubbies are constructed by the latest high tech materials so it is durable and made to last and 100% recyclable. The Caravan Cubby comes white with either a red, blue or pink stripe, the inside has a black and white checked vinyl floor, a built in bench seat and the windows and the door all have a slow release mechanism installed for safety. The Caravan Cubby are easy to assemble. They come flat packed with simple video instructions and once assembled there is no painting required, they are ready to go. Caravan Cubbies also offer an assembly service. The cubbies are manufactured locally in Melbourne and shipped Australia wide.

A perfect holiday for kids, everyday, right in your own backyard! Caravan Cubbies are available for order now via