Hens Party - Butlers in the Buff

Hens Party - Butlers in the Buff


Want to throw a great Hens Party? Peter Suttle has attended hundreds of parties including Hens Nights over the years in his role as a Butler for Butlers in the Buff. Having worked as a Butler himself in the UK before purchasing the companys first ever franchise in Australia, Peter has some great tips to plan the perfect Hens Night.

Here are his top Hens Night party tips:

1. Dont humiliate the Hen. Make sure that what you do for her is within her comfort level andmake sure you spoil her throughout the night

2. Add a little cheek to the evening, whether that be having Buff waiters serving food anddrinks or through accessories that the Hen and guests can wear during the party

3. Ensure there is plenty of food to go around during the course of the evening

4. If youre moving between venues make sure transport is organised and on time

5. Provide a little memento for each guest at the end of the night to remind them of the Hensnight. Its also always a nice idea to have a theme as well, for example all wear the colourpink for the evening so you stand out from the crowd at a public venue

6. Remind the Hen that its her last night of freedom so make sure she has fun (within reasonof course)

7. Know the name of the Groom but dont call him or his groomsmen during the night

8. Remember not everyone will be in the same spirit as the Hen so try and have activities andgames on standby that everyone will enjoy

9. If youre all heading to a club or bar ensure that they know a big group is arriving so youcan avoid lining up

10. Not everyone will know each other so get the girls to mingle. Party games are a great wayto break the ice or asking how each person knows the Hen can get people talking

11. Be prepared to join in or host the games such as being the quizmaster for "Mr and Mrs"

12. If the party is at home keep the room organised - clear empty glasses and plates andkeep the kitchen and drinks area organised and tidy

For more information on Butlers in the Buff visit www.butlersinthebuff.com.au or phone 0280784633