Bruno and Ingrid Szajer Battle of the Brides Interview

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer Battle of the Brides Interview

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer Battle of the Brides Interview

In a contemporary clash of the titans, new research has revealed that NSW brides are the savviest when it comes to tying the knot saving a total of $189,302 when buying and selling wedding dresses.

The research, conducted by - Australia's number one marketplace for pre-loved wedding dresses - has revealed that whilst NSW are saving the most; compared with Queensland ($53,215) they are also spending the most ($153,468).

With an estimated 116,322 weddings taking place each year in Australia, it is no surprise that designer dresses are a 'must have' on the bridal checklist, particularly for the savviest who are purchasing at retail knowing the historical re-sale value on Clever things! Whilst NSW might be the savviest when it comes to saving, ACT and SA are storming ahead in the trend table with ALL brides purchasing designer branded dresses. A tough lead to follow particularly for competitor state QLD with only 77% of their brides opting for leading brands.

When it comes to being chic on a shoestring the battle has only begun. Across all states except Tasmania (Bibowden Bridal Couture) and WA (Tuscany Bridal), Maggie Sottero is the much loved dress designer providing sophistication and style to all brides-to-be.

Co-founder and website developer, Bruno Szajer, comments; "Without a doubt brides across Australia are officially stylishly savvy saving an accumulative total of $432,041. The great thing about the research conducted through our online site is that we can really see the value and the purpose for such a resource in this economic climate.

It is clear from the statistics that Still White attracts two types of brides. On the one hand you have the brides-to-be who are on the hunt to bag a bargain whilst on the other you have the newlyweds that have purchased a designer wedding dress in retail knowing the re-sale value. In general it's fair to say that Australian brides know how to be stylish, on trend and make the dollar work harder".

To ensure all states are as bridal savvy as NSW (as well as ensuring that NSW remain top of the bridal charts) has developed the following invaluable tips:
Stick to your budget - You can create your dream day on a budget without breaking the bank. Plan in advance what you need (and what you don't) to create a rough spending guide.
Be aware! - Unfortunately scams do exist so make yourself aware of the common forms of fraud, in particular buyers located overseas.
Avoid panic buying - Try before you buy to ensure it's the perfect fit and style to avoid disappointment.
DIY - Buying a reasonably priced dress on Still White now means you can create 'your' perfect wedding dress using additional beading, lace or other crafty ideas. Ready, set, GO!
Luxe for less - Seen a particular celebrity inspired look or a wedding dress you simply can't afford? Try searching for the same style on Still White, with over 1,400 dresses currently on sale you're guaranteed to be in luck!

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Interview with Bruno and Ingrid Szajer

Question: What is Still White?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Still White is Australia's number one marketplace for brides and brides-to-be to buy and sell pre-loved wedding dresses online; a NEW alternative to the existing wedding market.

Enhancing accessibility for brides on a budget, Still White's wedding dress marketplace allows Australian brides the opportunity to purchase genuine designer dresses that, if new, would otherwise have been out of their price range.

Question: Why did you feel it was important to provide this type of service to brides?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: A wedding dress is possibly the most expensive item of clothing a girl will ever purchase and ironically, will only be worn once. We believe modern brides are more budget savvy and less sentimental, so it was time for a dedicated wedding dress marketplace. Still White is enabling brides to purchase designer dresses at a fraction of the cost of retail, and purchase brand new dresses they couldn't normally afford, knowing there is resale market.

Question: Were you surprised that NSW was the savviest state in regards to tying the knot costs?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Still White has certainly been embraced by Australian brides, with New South Wales being the most active state. In the last 12 months Still White has saved brides over $430,000, with NSW making up 40% of the total.

Question: What is the average saving and other advantages for brides who choose to buy second hand dresses?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Currently the average saving is 57% off retail, with some designer dresses discounted up to 85%. Brides who purchase second hand, not only receive a professionally dry cleaned, near-new dress for the fraction of the cost of retail, they have the option to resell it again on Still White for a comparable price.

Question: What are your top tips for choosing the ideal wedding dress?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: A great tip is to:
1. Visit bridal stores to try on latest styles and see what suits your body shape.
2. Make a list of your favourite dresses and sizes that fit you best.
3. Jump on Still White to find the same dress at half price.

Question: What do you enjoy most about helping brides sell their dresses?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: We believe the secret to Still White's success, is the win-win nature of the site. Receiving positive testimonials from happy sellers and buyers always puts a smile on our face.

Question: Is it possible to try-before-you buy on Still White?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Still White works in the same way as eBay (except with no auctions) so we definitely encourage face-to-face, local trading so brides-to-be have the opportunity to try before they buy.

Question: What is the average cost of a dress on

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Dresses range anywhere from $100 to $10,000, so there really is something for every budget. The average amount an Aussie bride spends on a pre-loved designer wedding dress on Still White is $1,251.

Question: When buying a dress online, what things should brides be looking for?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Brides should search for dresses located local to where they live. This gives buyers the opportunity to potentially view the dress and try before they buy
It's always great to keep in mind the style of dress that suits your body shape when browsing on Still White
Make yourself aware of common scams and fraud - This includes never mailing a cheque or using payment services like Bidpay, Western Union or Money Gram to pay for items found on Still White. These forms of funds transfer are favoured by fraudsters.
Use common sense - If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Question: When selling a dress online, how is it best to market, photograph and describe the item?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: 1. Professional photos from your wedding day are a great way to show off the beauty of your dress. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional sale, and seeing a picture of you looking stunning is sure to catch a buyer's attention.
2. Dry cleaning your dress will help preserve it and make it look as stunning it did the first time around. Think of it as an investment to help you sell your wedding dress faster.
3. Still White attracts thousands of brides-to-be every month, but it doesn't hurt to create extra buzz about your dress. Share your Still White link on the forums you read to help plan your own wedding. With hundreds of new brides reading the boards, they are a great place to attract buyers. Sharing your link on Facebook and Twitter is also a great idea.

Question: What are the listing costs of Still White?

Bruno and Ingrid Szajer: Still White has two different listing types, Standard and Premium. The Standard listing is $29.95 and the Premium is $49.95, depending on the prominence of it on the site.

Standard listing:
Listed until sold
3000 word listing
Live statistics on your listing activity
Unlimited free updates
Maximum of four images

Extras with Premium listings:
Appear above all Standard listings
Scroll randomly along the top of the homepage
Appear first in search results
Listing allows an extra 2 photos to be displayed