Bringing Joy Back Into Business

Bringing Joy Back Into Business

Bringing Joy Back Into Business

by Simone Milasas

Do you feel stuck in your work routine? Has your day on the job become ho-hum? Here are some pragmatic tools to add a renewed spring to your step and bring back the adventure of business.

One of the things I've noticed in many family businesses is the pressure people feel to continue working and to pass the business on to future generations. When you feel chosen by your family to work in the business, yet you haven't done the choosing, it can create a feeling of being stuck. Other family members involved in the business often have expectations that you'll work in it all your life which is then constantly projected on you. Where does that include you and what you'd like to create? Usually you're not in the computation at all.

The energy of choosing to work in your family business, or in a particular industry, is completely different to being chosen. Choosing is way more fun and you have total choice with everything that occurs.

For yourself, take a look at whether you've been functioning from being chosen in your business. If so, there is a very effective and simple tool to change things. Start to look at all the places where you have made your business or job a necessity. Then ask questions like, what would it look like if I were choosing this job today? What would it look like if I were choosing this business or industry today?

Anytime you ask a question, you gain more awareness. The joy of business is about asking questions and being willing to change everything and choose everything. Every single day you have multiple choices. You don't have to stick to the past. You can change it all the time, even if it means going against established ways of doing things. It's your life, this is not a dry run " you get to choose it, you get to create it, and it is allowed to be fun for you.

3 elements
If you're in an established business, then you may recall the thrill and excitement of starting a business. Any business usually starts with an idea that makes you go, 'Oh yeah!" It has a level of enthusiasm and the energy of infinite possibilities. Years ago, I desired to increase the level of happiness in the world. That idea was the generative energy for a business called Good Vibes for You, which sold funky t-shirts with inspirational quotes to young people. Later we expanded the range and included a whole lot of other products, even bottled water!

The next element is creative energy, that's where you start to bring your idea into existence. The creative energy involves looking at what money and tools are required, who you have to speak to and what you have to do to bring your idea into existence.

In order to make a business successful, however, a third element is required " maintenance. It's what you have to institute every day to maintain your business and keep it in existence. A lot of people find maintenance rather boring, but it doesn't have to be that way.

As I work on many different projects simultaneously every morning I ask, 'Which project requires me today? What do I have to institute today?"

It could be making phone calls or hiring an intern, but unless you ask the question you won't receive the awareness.

Maintenance could actually expand your business if you're willing to ask powerful questions and take action steps.

Here are some questions to ask:
Does the business desire to change?
What could you institute today to create more for now and the future?
What else can you add to your business?

Who can you add to the business?

3 people
Another great way to bring joy back into your business is to find someone to take on the roles that aren't fun for you or that you're not so good at.

Every business requires 3 types of people in order to be successful: connectors, movers, creators. A strong connector is someone who talks to anyone about anything. They are fabulous salespeople and know who to talk to and exactly what to say.

A mover is someone who knows how to run a business. They are energetic, ambitious and also futurists. A good mover always has everything ready so your business flows smoothly. The third type is a creator, someone who is always looking at what is truly possible in your business. They are usually brimming with amazing ideas.

If you recognise yourself as a connector then look for strong movers and creators to assist you in other areas; you don't have to do it all yourself " that's also the joy of business!

Be a leader
One of the greatest ways to make your business joyful and fun, to stand out from the crowd, and to become wildly successful is to be you.

But you have to be willing to be a leader. A leader is someone who knows where they're going and heads there, no matter what it takes. That doesn't mean bulldozing over people in the process. They simply don't change their point of view for somebody else. They never give up and never give in.

If you're willing to be you in business, be the leader and know that success is not just monetary. Success can be the change you create in the world. It can be the change you create in people's lives. It can be the footprint you leave on the planet. Are you willing to be a catalyst for change in the business world?

Simone Milasas is a dynamic business leader with a difference. She has founded and operated many businesses from a young age and always done business different. Today, Simone Milasas is a director of multiple companies. For the last 14 years Simone has been the Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness® helping grow the business into a multimillion-dollar company operating in 173 countries. Simone also presents seminars globally based on her popular book Joy of Business. You can get her free video series, Putting the Fun Back in Business, by just clicking here:

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