You Can Get Off The Diet Treadmill

You Can Get Off The Diet Treadmill
We all know the formula, you need to eat less and move more! So why doesn't it work?

With the myriad of diets and exercise programs available to do why is it that so many people are still overweight and struggling to look the way they want to look?

You don't need to diet.You don't need more willpower. You just need to learn to be a Happy Eater! The thing is, that it is often the underlying issues that prevent us from looking the way we want.

What goes on inside your head each day?
Weigh Ahead workshops provide a unique way of addressing the real issues, the individual genesis of body image and weight gain, to uncover the empowering answers that will work specifically for you. This new program aimed at identifying and unlocking the reasons behind weight gain is having amazing success with women who have struggled for years to permanently lose weight. Many of these women are experts in the theory of weight loss and yet have been unable to achieve long-term success. For them, and for all those who struggle with their weight, Weigh Ahead offers fresh hope for real and long lasting results.

Weigh Ahead workshops offer a safe forum to explore the underlying issues that block weight loss success - issues that often begin in childhood. Awareness of these blocks and a process designed to free participants from the effects of them offers a wonderful new way forward for those previously stuck on the weight-loss treadmill.

Created by leading Life Coach and counsellor Cilla Sturt, the Weigh Ahead workshops came out of a program created specifically for Cilla's clients that GOT RESULTS! With a proven method of helping unhappy eaters, Cilla Sturt, co-founded Weigh Ahead which now has 12 workshop facilitators across Australia and New Zealand.

This is not for people who are after a quick fix!If YOU ARE SERIOUSabout discovering how to be a Happy Eater - than this could be for you!!!

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