VS For Men Lithium Pro Series

VS For Men Lithium Pro Series

VS For Men Lithium Pro Series

Last year VS For Men rose to the challenge -taming the beasts' of Australia with the launch of the ultimate grooming range – the VS For Men Lithium Pro Series. This year VS For Men goes even harder by taking on the ultimate beast himself – waratah wallaby legend tatafu polota-nau.

The most damaging front rower of all time, he's toned down his fro and trimmed his mo for a sharper look using the Lithium Pro range. And the results speak for themselves. 'I love the VS for Men Lithium Pro range," said Tatafu. 'It's got the power, precision and performance to deliver. It really does separate the men from the boys."

With a lifetime dedicated to crushing the will of others, this rugby great has had little time for grooming… until now. Yes, the Tatafu beast has been transformed and here's how he did IT:

Tatafu used the VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Intensive to craft a stylish on-trend hair cut worthy of a ROAR! He did it by harnessing the POWER of the Intensive's heavy-duty 4.0V DC motor. With 3x more cutting power than a regular magnetic motor for an ultra powerful cut, it gave Tatafu the ultimate salon-even haircut quickly and easily and very commandingly.

Precision - XL Professional Performance Blades made from especially hardened Japanese steel for ultra smooth effortless cutting helped him finish the job. According to Tatafu: 'nothing touches these blades for accuracy and ferocity."

Performance – Tatafu achieved a 100% evenly finished haircut in ONE stroke. And the Clipper (which can be used on mains power or cordless for total convenience and control) gave Tatafu sustained power performance (even at lower charge levels thanks to its lithium-ion technology). A 75-minute run time and quick charge allowed him maximum autonomy and potency.

Model: VS7475A.
RRP: $132.95
3-year warranty

Tatafu then used the VS for Men Lithium PRO Face & Body Trimmer to smooth his rougher edges.

And he went to work quickly! This Trimmer's High Performance Powerful DC Motor with ultra powerful cutting action plus W-Tech Blades (with innovative moving blade geometry for increased durability and precision) meant he achieved a smooth and accurate finish all over in no time. Its Cord/Cordless function with Lithium-ion Technology also meant he enjoyed sustained power performance for reliable cordless use, even at lower charge levels. Two hours gave him full charge for 80 minutes use. Even a 30 minute quick charge ensured him 20 minutes grooming power! Five Interchangeable Heads including a 32mm trimmer, mini foil shaver, body shaver, nose trimmer and 7mm detailed trimmer also sealed the deal for the new-look Tatafu as did its Multi-voltage feature - perfect for travel. Tatafu now takes styling power on tour!

Model: VSM7420A.
RRP: $89.95
3-year warranty.

Last but not least, the ingeniously designed VS for Men Lithium PRO Stubble with Lithium-ion technology meant Tatafu was totally ready for the LADIES! He was able to enjoy harder, faster, longer performances and -contour' in comfort, thanks to the groomer's ingeniously designed Contouring Flex Head. Tatafu with elegant stubble is no man's match on a night out … or in ... take it from us!

Features of the VS for Men Lithium PRO Stubble include:

Unique Contouring Flex Head: minimises pressure for less irritation and exact precision stubble control.
Large, Easy-to-read 100% waterproof LED Display.
Cord/Cordless with Lithium-ion technology with 5-minute quick charge option.
Motorised all-in-one Stubble Comb Guide - 0.4mm-5mm length in 0.2mm increments.
Electro-Chemically Sharpened Blades for exceptional precision and sharpness with no need for oiling.
High Performance DC Motor.
Length Memory Feature.
Multi-voltage for Worldwide Use
Charging and Storage Stand Included.

Model: VSM7898A.
RRP: $109.95
3-year warranty.

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