Father's Day At Lush

Father's Day At Lush

Father's Day At Lush


LUSH isn't just for girls - we've got products and gifts to suit any type of Dad! Get him scrubbed up and lookin' smooth with these fresh, handmade men's grooming essentials.


Dark Angels Facial Cleanser
Dark and tough, this one doesn't mess about. It's a black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar scrubs away. Dark Angels is a hardcore cleanser with a little bit of surfactant mixed in to remove dirt and grease. Black sugar is a more abrasive exfoliant and scrubs the skin, supported by powdered charcoal to finely exfoliate and absorb oil. Vegan.
$16.95 for 100g

Prince Shaving Cream

For softening stubborn stubble so it gives up without a fight, leaving the skin calm and soft. Contains an uplifting blend or orange flower absolute, orange and tangerine essential oils, together with the prince of oils, neroli. Our light shea and cocoa butter cream is easily absorbed into the skin and a generous helping of linseed mucilage softens and protects your profile from the oft irritating blade.
$13.95 for 100g, $22.50 for 225g

Ka-Pow! Gift
Inspired by pop art and the work of Roy Lichtenstein to reflect the ka-powerful contents inside. We've chosen a selection of products that we feel are powerful in different ways; whether they wake you up, have a powerful effect on the muscles, are super stimulating on the scalp…the list goes on and on! For all the super-dads out there!

Contains: Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, Ultra Blast toothy tabs, New shampoo bar, 50g Mini sugar scrub, 100g Dirty soap, 100g Whoosh shower jelly 100g Grass shower gel, 100g Happy Hippy shower gel, 90g Buffy body butter.

Dirty Gift Pack

Men! We want you to get out there and start getting dirty! We mean it; go outside, explore, get stuck in, have adventures and get totally and utterly mucky. When you've exhausted the big outdoors, head back home to get clean and give yourself some seriously smooth stylings with this gift box of products from the Lush Dirty range. Dirty isn't just a clever range of manly smells – it's a way of life.

Contents: Dirty Shaving Cream 45g, Dirty Hair Styling Cream 45g, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel 100g, and Dirty Toothy Tabs

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