Narrative Lab Parfum Oil Rollers

Narrative Lab Parfum Oil Rollers

Australia's First Customisable Solid Fragrance

No nasties
paraben free
cruelty free
travel friendly
no fillers
no alcohol
non drying
plant based oils
reusable packaging- refills
nourish and moisturises your skin

Customisable Fragrance

We use an amazing third-generation perfumer and global perfume house to create a whole new fine fragrance experience; a customisable scent which you can adjust and change everyday. Using the base notes of each fragrance, our perfumer developed a subtle version of the fragrance along with an intense version. These can then be used on their own or layered together to create something unique each time you apply to your skin.

About The Scents

Each fragrance name is based on an empowering saying that helps you start the day in a positive mindset, ready to take on whatever comes your way! I.e. Fearless, Protector, Take the Moment, Crushing It, Awaken, The Calling, Renew and Rose Above. When you reapply the fragrance throughout the day, or smell the scent on your pulse points, you are reminded of the mindset you have chosen. The first products to be launched from the Narrative Collection are a range of solid fragrances for men and women with eight fine fragrances to choose from.

Parfum Oil Rollers
Roll on to your pulse points and smell amazing as the oils develop on your skin throughout the day.
RRP: $59


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