Boost Fertility in Men

Boost Fertility in Men

Fertility Naturopath shares her top 10 tips to boost fertility in men

NaturoBest Releases New Vegan Friendly Preconception Multivitamin for Men

NaturoBest, a prenatal and preconception vitamin range created by fertility naturopath, Nikki Warren, releases a new vegan friendly Preconception Multi for Men. Preconception Multi for Men is a comprehensive multivitamin, multimineral and antioxidant, designed to support sperm motility and sperm count. This premium formulation includes lycopene, CoQ10, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, C, E and B12 to help support sperm health and testosterone levels while promoting a healthy conception.

Nikki says "I also took the opportunity to change the formula in a way that reduced the amount of capsules a man has to take from 4 capsules to 2 capsules daily. This is far more convenient, and an added bonus is a significant reduction in price.

Previously the formula contained 600mg of alpha lipoic acid which has been replaced by 100mg of CoQ10 and the 200mg of mixed tocopherols has been replaced by the patented form of mixed tocotrienols, EvNolMax® which is 40-60 times more potent in antioxidant activity than standard alpha tocopherol".

There have been a number of news reports in recent months reporting concerns regarding low sperm counts and infertility in many countries around the world. Low sperm count has been attributed to lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, insufficient exercise, obesity and a poor diet. Dr Shanna Swan, a Professor in Environmental Medicine and Public Health, says the sperm count of Western men has plunged by over 50 per cent in less than 40 years. She said in her new book Countdown, "at this rate sperm count is set to reach zero in 2045 – meaning that most couples may have to use assisted reproduction".

Nikki states: "As a fertility naturopath,I am passionate about helping couples to successfully reach their goals of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. To create a healthy baby, you need a healthy egg AND healthy sperm. As it takes up to 72 days to make a new batch of sperm cells from scratch, we recommend both partners follow a preconception care plan for at least 3-4 months prior to conception to optimise their health."

In order to support couples on their journey to become pregnant, we developed Preconception Multi for Women and Preconception Multi for Men. Our men's multi is a comprehensive, high potency multivitamin, multimineral and antioxidant that has been specially formulated to support healthy reproductive hormones, support sperm health and a healthy conception. It contains key nutrients to enhance sperm health including 1000mcg of vitamin B12 as hydroxocobalamin, 200mg of vitamin C as magnesium ascorbate, 50mg of zinc citrate, 100mg of CoQ10 and 6mg of lycopene in a daily dose to support healthy reproductive hormones, sperm health and a healthy conception."

We are proud of our ultra-low excipient formulations using the very highest quality, active ingredients. They are in a vegan capsule rather than tablet form which means there are NO unnecessary excipients such as binders, fillers, disintegrants, film coatings and colourings in the film coating that you get with cheaper brands that use tablets. This means we do not use any titanium dioxide in our supplement range. The European Food Safety Authority recently declared that titanium dioxide is no longer considered safe when used as a food additive as is commonly used in white tablets. This further endorses our decision to have capsules rather than tablets which are full of, sometimes undesirable, excipients." Nikki stated.

"There are no animal products, added artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, preservatives, soy, yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, titanium dioxide or magnesium stearate. All products in the range are non-GMO in a vegan capsule."

Top 10 Tips to Boost Fertility in Men

Preconception Plan
It is essential that both partners follow a preconception care plan for 4 months prior to conception. The first month is spent detoxing; the next 3 months are when the sperm and egg are developing. They are vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and radiation during this time so it is vital to boost nutrient stores during these 3 months.

Eat Organic Food
Toxins are stored in fat in humans and in animals therefore it is prudent to switch to organic meat, eggs and dairy products. It is also important to avoid pesticides as they are known to affect hormone balance and sperm quality. You could grow your own vegetables to avoid these sprays or purchase organic fruit and veg.

Get A Water Filter
An under-bench water filter is available from Bunnings. Avoid buying water in plastic bottles and opt for glass bottled water instead. Tap water can contain metals such as copper and plastic contains xenoestrogens which can affect your sperm quality.

Avoid Plastic
Choose food contained in glass bottles and jars rather than plastic (e.g. sauces, mayonnaise, beetroot). Plastic can leach xenoestrogens (foreign oestrogens) into the food and can affect hormone balance and sperm quality.

Avoid Caffeine
Too much caffeine can affect your fertility and sperm quality. Try switching from coffee to tea and drink up to 2 cups only per day.

Avoid Alcohol
Excessive alcohol intake lowers sperm count and quality and impairs your fertility. Your partner is going to have to give up during pregnancy so giving up with her is the biggest support you can provide to ensure a healthy conception and pregnancy. If you are currently a heavy drinker, you might find it helpful to reduce the amount you drink to no more than 2 drinks, no more than twice a week. Then keep reducing the amount every couple of weeks until you're only having an occasional drink.

Exercise is linked to sperm quality and it also helps you to reduce stress. Plus the fitter you are, the more stamina you will have when it comes to making babies!

Don't wear tight underwear and avoid hot spas and showers
Heat kills sperm so wear boxer shorts instead of snug fitting briefs and avoid hot baths, spas and saunas.

Pre-conception Multi
Taking a multivitamin tailored for preconception can help boost nutrient stores and may also improve your chance of a successful conception. Certain nutrients assist sperm count, motility and quality including lycopene, CoQ10, vitamins A, C, E and B12, zinc and selenium.

Hormone Imbalances
If you have low testosterone, a low libido or any other health issues, it may be worth visiting a qualified medical herbalist.

Herbal medicine is fantastic at getting to the root cause of your issue and may boost fertility by boosting testosterone and improving sperm morphology.



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