Face Factory for the Sims 2 PC Game

Face Factory for the Sims 2 PC Game
Create A SIMS™* Character From Your Image And Import It Into The SIMS™ 2*

Generate stunning, true-to-life 3D SIMS™* characters

Rating: G

Become the main characer in the virtual world of The Sims 2. Instantly add yourself, your friends, your family and others into "The SIMS™ 2.... and become the main character in the virtual world of The SIMS 2. Face Factory will generate a stunning, true-to-life 3D head model from a front and side picture of yourself. This model is then easily transferred to a SIMS character of your liking. Within minutes you can see yourself (or any other face of your choice) acting in the SIMS community.

Just take a front and side photo to create a 3D version of yourself and others. Within minutes you can see your character - no 3D know-how or CAD knowledge required!

Give your character a makeover - the virtual lab lets you change your nose or mouth, dye your hair, change your hairstyle or eye colour.

Choose a body style - includes dozens of pre-designed bodies to select from.

You have your avatar!

Visualise and import your character into The SIMS™ 2*.

One mouse click puts your new creation into The SIMS™ 2*.

See how your avatar will act in The SIMS™ community and how it ages.

Let the party commence!

Your own gang in The SIMS™ 2*

Get the whole family involved and create a new digital family. You can even add your friends, celebrities, animals, monsters and more!

Immerse yourself into more personable adventures - add a new dimension to your avatars private, professional, social and romantic lives.

Review: Who needs a real family when you can create your own, pick just the faces you like to make your own unique world.

RRP: $19.95
For further information please visit www.mindscape.com.au

This product has not been developed or produced with the participation or association of Maxis or Electronic Arts. You must have a complete version of The SIMS™ 2* to be able to use this add-on.*The Sims and Maxis are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved.


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