The Phantom of Paris sequel to Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of Paris sequel to Phantom of the Opera

With the curtain finally closing on The Phantom of the Opera, Australian audiences witnessed the Phantom falling in love with a singer named Christine whilst privately tutoring her and terrorising the Paris Opera House. When Christine becomes reacquainted with her childhood friend Raoul the two fall in love, much to the despair of the Phantom who then decides to kidnap her and imprison her in his lair. Raoul comes to the rescue and saves his lady love. In the final scene The Phantom disappears in a puff of smoke - but has he gone for good?

And what's to come:

Picking up from where The Phantom of the Opera finished, the much anticipated sequel, The Phantom of Paris will continue the journey of the disfigured musical genius who haunted the Paris Opera House. Revenge and vengeance have been the motive for his actions for a long time. But realising the error of his ways, he returns to the Opera House and metamorphosiss into a different person entirely - revealing a new light on The Phantom and promising to captivate audiences once again

The modern musical score, composed by Peer Raben, is sure to enthral audiences as did its predecessor, which captured the worlds imagination for over 20 years, and has been acclaimed as the most popular musical of all time.