The Fairies Christmas Live on Stage 2008

The Fairies Christmas Live on Stage 2008

Fan-Fairy-Tastic Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and The Fairies are on their way in thebiggest and best Christmas Spectacular ever!

Join Harmony and Rhapsody, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, Barnaby the Bizzy BuzzyBee and Wizzy the Wizard in a Christmas Fairyland full of songs andsurprises for the whole family.

Watch out for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the Dancing Christmas Tree,Santa ....and the Easter Bunny?, who all drop by to visit all theirFairyland friends.

Make this Christmas, a Fairy Merry Christmas.

Dont miss A Fairy Merry Christmas Spectacular or Christmas will never,ever be the same again!

SA - 14th to 16th November
ACT - 21st November
QLD - 22nd to 27th November
NSW - 20th November to 3rd December
VIC - 7th to 24th December
WA - 16th - 17th December

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Harmony is the purple fairy, and purple is her favourite colour.

The more practical fairy, Harmony often has to calm down her excitable best friend, Rhapsody. She is pretty, clever and very considerate of others, and has a very wise and a logical approach to solving the daily challenges in a fairys life. Harmony is the "ideas fairy".

Harmony loves order in her life and Fairyland. A clean space is important to her, but she knows you can make jobs more fun if you sing while you work plus it will brighten your day.


Rhapsody is the pink fairy, and pink is her favourite colour.

As her name suggests, Rhapsody is an expression of ecstatic and excitable enthusiasm! Her bubbly personality is expressed constantly via her always smiling, cheeky face.

Best friend of Harmony, Rhapsody is very giggly and bouncy and easily excitable. She is very impulsive, often rushing in before she thinks.

Rhapsody is not a "home-body" like Harmony - although she realises cleaning has to be done, its certainly not her favourite thing to do - not when she could be flying, dancing, singing and so much more...

Wizzy the Wizard

Wizzy the Wizard is from a planet called Wizzle Gazzelles and his introduction to Fairyland was through Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, whom he met at a spell school.

Wizzy is an extremely flamboyant character who always provides great comic relief whenever he is in Fairyland. Whenever Wizzy arrives by magic, he arrives somewhere strange (and very funny!). On top of the mushroom, in a patch of flowers, hanging upside down from the swing.

Wizzy believes in his heart he is a very good spell maker and magician, however unfortunately his spells usually take a few hilarious tries before they deliver! He will often produce something a bit strange and cause his audience to giggle and laugh. Wizzy, although generally mystified at the spells not working, always takes his friends laughter in good humour and is capable of laughing at himself.

Elf the Fairy Cake Maker

Elf The Fairy Cake Maker is a young adult cake-making elf, quite slight of build, with pointy elf ears, renowned across all of Fairyland and beyond for his exceptional recipes and culinary talents. Elf lives close to The Fairies and his flower pot kitchen is in the midst of Fairyland. He cooks up a storm whenever there is a celebration and Tricky Treats are his speciality.

He is an energetic, positive, happy character who makes the most of every situation, looking on the bright side of life and is never without a smile.

Elf is constantly bounding into fairyland displaying his agile and acrobatic form, often breaking into fabulous cartwheels, handstands, back flips or a tap dance routine. Elfs performance has pronounced hand movements and is cheeky and energetic.

Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee

Barnaby The Bizzy Buzzy Bee is a slightly eccentric, quite frenetic, extremely lovable and huggable Bee, who makes honey for all his friends in Fairyland. Barnaby lives in a honeycomb, close to Fairyland.

Barnabys walk and dance is a bit frenetic - slightly eccentric and muddled. He often buzzes around like hes a bit confused -Well he is a bizzy buzzy bee after all!

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