Sean John Unforgivable Woman Fragrance

Sean John Unforgivable Woman Fragrance


Sean Combs' passion - and notoriety - for stirring the senses is undisputable. His first fragrance, Unforgivable by Sean John was launched in December 2006 and quickly earned rank as a top selling men's prestige fragrance in Australia.

As he does with every project, Sean Combs took center stage in the development of UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN. "I'm in there as a designer, this is a lifestyle, a movement and throughout all of this, one of the things we've stood on as our foundation has been that it's about the juice," explains Combs. Determined to create a "signature" scent for the heated and passionate woman, UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN combines notes and accords that realize Sean Combs' vision of strong, modern femininity. Who is the UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN? Combs doesn't hesitate to describe her.

"She's strong - yet quiet, a woman who is sensual and passionate, who makes an impact when she enters a room, a woman who picks the words that she uses carefully, and when she speaks, she says what she means. She finds a scent she loves and she sticks to it. It's part of her lifestyle, she'd rather wear 'her' signature scent or nothing at all," said Combs.

The UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN scent is warm, like a woman's body, a breathtaking combination of creamy, floral, warm and luscious notes. The piña colada note particularly appeals to Sean Combs. "I think we all have an emotional connection to pina colada. I had this vision of a woman being on the beach, and the UNFORGIVABLE MAN sees her - and the scent is just the way that feels, the heat of it," said Combs.

A sensual, creamy floral, the top notes of UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN include a sophisticated, elegant and chic blend of Bergamot, Piña Colada, Orange, Grapefruit, Neroli, Pear, Apple-Rose illuminated by a decadent Cassis. The scent captivates with mid-note heart of Jasmine, Muget, Freesia and Violet. The dry down tantalizes with Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber, Coco de Mer, Tonka Beans and Vanilla Tears. This expression of a Sensual Creamy Floral is created with a tonality of femininity and fluid sensuality that has never before been expressed in a woman's fragrance.

"I didn't want to take the easy way out as far as just making a feminine version of the men's fragrance. Women and men are totally different. I like a woman to smell like a womanso we took a different direction than with the men's. There is a synergy note, bergamot, but it is used in such a light way, you don't really relate to it being in there," said Combs.

An architectural mix of modern and classic, UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN, is a pearly champagne-colored bottle housed inside a shiny champagne-colored carton. The bottle packaging was created by Sean Combs to complement the male version of UNFORGIVABLE and to evoke a strong, yet soft and feminine aesthetic. sean's Concept

When she moves I stop. When she speaks I am lost. She is desire. She is illusion. Elusive in her way. A beauty catching you off guard. Enticing and unnerving. She is control and submission. Intellect and innocence. Sensuality and strength. Cap able of taking what you dream and making it real. Of making what's real the ultimate dream. She is the tease. The fulfillment. Only she knows the path between sensuality and strength. Able to entice and unbalance. She is everything that makes dreams real. Everything that pushes limits. Everything that makes this life sexy. She is UNFORGIVABLE.


Only the most premium and luxurious ingredients were used to develop UNFORGIVABLE WOMAN, ensuring a truly unique and highly prized scent.


Cool citrus and floral inspired by the sun-drenched Seychelles Islands create luxurious layers of scent through a delicate fusion of the rarest ingredients. Sophistication is achieved through the soft juxtapositions of Bergamot, Orange, Neroli, Cassis, Grapefruit, Apple, Cucumber, Piña Colada and Orange Flower.


The ultimate aphrodisiac. As characteristic of the scent as it is of the woman. Sensuality and femininity are expressed through our own blend of Jasmine, Violet, Muguet, Freesia and Cyclamen creating fresh notes that caress the skin and intoxicate the senses.


Creamy and warm, the essence of spice and opulent textures are experienced with the ultra-rich mingling of Amber, Seychelles Coco de Mer, Vanilla Tears and Tonka Beans. Woodnotes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Oakmoss combine with the visceral seduction of Patchouli, Vetiver and Iris.

Sean John Unforgivable Woman Line-Up
  • Scent Spray 75 ml RRP $89.00
  • Scent Spray 125 ml RRP $125.00

    Sean John's 'Unforgivable Woman' fragrance is now available nationally from department stores and The Perfume Connection.

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