Fashion Burst - Summer is here!

Fashion Burst - Summer is here!


SUMMER is here, so it's now time to prepare your wardrobe and don't forget the SHOES!!!

Designers just can't get enough of the 80's! Seen on the catwalk are "trilby" hats which are small hats with wide brims, usually worn on the side. The trilby was first worn by superstar Michael Jackson in the 80's and it later became his signature costume. Designers have been inspired, making the trilby popular once again.

Bangles - Plastic bangles from pink to blue are very popular along with "Madonna" influenced bangles and candy coloured rings in plastic are very 80's and very cool. Or go glitzy and grab yourself a bejeweled and over-large dress ring to team up with plainer outfits.

Lollipop Stripes - Stripes in any colour will be hot for this season and the next. So get your hands on some stripes for the ultimate must-have this season.

Shoes are the most important factor of making or breaking an outfit. On the return is glamorous, diamante encrusted stilettos, shoes showing off semi-precious stones and stripey shoes.

We see the return of the black and white striped shoe, the tan & white striped shoe and the pointy toe all in keeping with what our Mum's used to wear back in the days of the "bodgies and widgies".
(Okay you may not know what that means but it means plenty to our parents born in the 40's & 50's)