Race Fashion

Race Fashion

Aussie Mangoes are now back in abundance, and they're set to be this season's must-have summer item, even among the high stakes fashion world of the spring races. 


To celebrate the official launch of the 2020/2021 season, Australian Mangoes has partnered with former Miss Universe model Monika Radulovic and acclaimed Sydney milliner, Neil Grigg, to design and feature a mango inspired headpiece. 


Using the Kensington Pride mango variety in its bespoke design, the tropical fascinator was appropriately launched trackside at the Royal Randwick Kensington Race Day this Wednesday. 


"Mangoes are a deliciously decadent and colourful summer fruit that welcomes the start of the warmer season; symbolising colour, life and joy. What better place to launch the fruit than at the Kensington Races at Royal Randwick?"  said Grigg.


"It's also why I was so excited to bring the zest and passion for life that Aussie Mangoes represent through the creativity and expression of fashion," said Grigg. 


Monika Radulovic added, "Australian Mangoes give you that taste of summer, it's a fruit that Aussie's can't wait to taste again each year. I love what Neil has done with the headpiece - I'll make sure i'm not too tempted to taste a slice during the day!"


It is anticipated that Aussies will indulge in close to 200 million mangoes across the warmer seasons, with the tropical fruit reigning supreme in our supermarkets through to March 2021. 


As seen on the Spring racing headpiece, the well-loved Kensington Pride variety introduced us into the start of the season, and will remain available until early next year. In October, consumers will see the Calypso® and R2E2 varieties on the shelves and shortly after the Honey Gold mangoes will arrive in November. These four main varieties will be available collectively until the end of January, when the later Keitt, Palmer and Kent varieties will also become available to tantalise taste buds through to the end of the season. 


Aussie Mangoes are now back in abundance, and they're set to be this season's must-have summer item, so make sure you get to your nearest supermarket or local grocer for your first juicy bite of the season. Whether you plan on wearing it fashionably like Monika Radulovic, or to simply enjoy at home, how you choose to enjoy Australia's favourite fruit is up to you!