Fashion Forecast

Fashion Forecast
Get the look with the latest fashion reports from our resident fashion guru - Belinda Tartaglia.

Hello Fashion Followers!

It's the last month of winter madness so time to update your wardrobe and get ready to Spring clean!

Back to Africa
Be inspired as African prints from t-shirts to skirts are making a huge return. Safari inspired suits in khaki and camel are popular too. Get those travelling boots on because fashion is going to Africa!

Army Chick
1, 2, 3, 4 A-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N!!!!!!!!!!
Army fatigues minus the camouflage prints are becoming frequent on the catwalks. Denim jeans with "cargo" pocket details and khaki utility belts are both fashionable and practical. No need for microscopic handbags here, pockets on the utility belts will be able to fit your every essential need.

Femme Fatale
Fashion gets sexy - Lace up tops in black, micro leather miniskirts and studded stiletto heels are sexy and dangerous! Look out for mesh detail on anything from slinky camisoles to shoes.

Leopard Print
An inspiration from the masters of mixing and matching, Dolce & Gabbana, the ever-seductive leopard skin print returns. This look is popular in Europe from faux fur coats to skimpy chiffon tops. Wearer beware, leopard print should be kept to one item at a time otherwise it may look tacky.

Biker Chic
Motorbike jackets with a modern edge have taken Europe by storm and are bound to make a big return in the fashion world. Think 60's retro. It's not just jackets alone; bags in embossed leather with fringing and aviator sunnies make a return too.

Shoe Fetish
Style queen and cartoon character "Pocahontas" has been an inspiration to fashion minx alike.

Look out for "Pocahontas" style boots that lace up in the front with suede leather fringing in crème, brown and black. Team them up with a denim mini skirt and a peasant top and you have a look that is fresh and cute for spring. Avoid being a fashion victim and ditch feather accessories.

Well now it's Ciao from me, stay tuned next month for more fashion tips and hot looks!

- Belinda Tartaglia