Best&Less' Mini-Me Collection

Best&Less' Mini-Me Collection

The media was in a frenzy last year over Best&Less' mini-me collection, now Australia's favourite family retailer is launching an extensive matching Easter range for the whole family.

Best&Less is the one-stop shop for all mini-me family-fun action, so why not warm up with some fun bunny outfits and celebrate Easter with the whole family!

Best&Less' Hopper Easter Collection has an extensive selection of matching family sleepwear for baby, kids, teens, mum and dad, including a WOW offer of children's onesies for $15 and adults for $20 – available from March 30.

Whether PJs, dressing gowns, socks or undies – Best&Less has got all things bunny covered this Easter. Hop in store to get the best in fleece, flannelette or knit fabrics!