Sarah Pelham Up Your Beauty Game for Valentine's Day Interview

Sarah Pelham Up Your Beauty Game for Valentine's Day Interview

Expert Beauty Tips on Upping Your Beauty Game This Valentine's Day

Expert beauty tips on upping your beauty game this Valentine's Day From the crème de la crème of facials, to a perfectly sun kissed all-over tan, and everything in between, Sarah Pelham, beauty expert at beauty and wellness booking platform, Bookwell, shares her hottest tips and favourite beauty treatments that will get hearts racing this Valentine's Day.

Interview with Sarah Pelham

Question: How are you preparing for Valentine's Day?

Sarah Pelham: Hearts, chocolates and roses - what's not to love about Valentine's Day? I'll take any excuse to treat myself and my partner to some extra romance and relaxation. This Valentine's Day he has booked the restaurant, but after I'll be surprising him with a couples spa package that includes a couples massage, body exfoliation, facial and reflexology. We've both had busy starts to 2018, so I'm literally counting down the days to pamper time!

Question: What can we do to up our beauty game ahead of Valentine's Day?

Sarah Pelham: There are so many options to reach peak beauty on the 14th. If you're prepping for an evening of romance, I'd recommend a classic wax and spray tan combo for silky smooth and even-toned skin all over. Fortunately gone are the days of greasy orange tans. Products used in top salons today ensure your tan looks so natural no one will know that's the secret behind your even complexion. Booking your spray tan after your wax also ensures you'll get the longest-lasting tan possible, since your older skin cells would've been freshly exfoliated off from the wax.

Now you've got your glow on and are hair-free and carefree, you may want to make the most of any Valentine's kisses coming your way. If you didn't think you knew anyone getting lip injections, think again! Lip fillers are extremely popular regardless of age and income, probably because the effect is immediate, lasts up to 6 months, and is completely reversible if you're unhappy. After the treatment your lips will be as soft and kiss-able as ever, just with a little more plump in your pout.

Question: What's the quickest and most cost effective treatment we can do for Valentine's Day?

Sarah Pelham: My top pick for a beauty boost that can have a big impact with little expense would be treatments for lashes and brows. It's amazing how small tweaks and changes here can subtly (or dramatically) re-frame your face. Take about 30 minutes and $30 and tint both brows and lashes and feel just as fab even after your makeup comes off. With a slightly larger budget, opt for a lash lift and kiss that curling wand goodbye. Or my personal favourite, a set of eyelash extensions gives you weeks of fluttery fun or sultry glances and can be booked in during your lunch break at under $100.

Question: Which beauty treatment do you most commonly treat yourself to?

Sarah Pelham: My obsession would be SNS nails and nail art! From simple geometric designs to more complex creations, a chic manicure not only adds polish (literally!) to any look but a unique nail design adds a bit of cheeky fun to days where I'm mostly tapping away at my laptop. Even better, manicures are best experienced with friends! I'll never say no to lazy weekend brunches and manis with my gals.

Question: What's the next big type of facial we'll see from beauticians?

Sarah Pelham: Bespoke beauty, or customised treatments, are definitely on the rise! The number of facial technologies is increasing so quickly it's difficult to keep up even for me, which is why a facial experience tailored to your specific skin type is the best way to get that no-makeup-needed skin we all desire. Powerful anti-ageing, tone-enhancing and blemish-removing technologies are out there in every colour of the rainbow - blue, red, green LEDs and more - but choosing the combination that targets your troubles is not easy without a chat with an experienced aesthetician.

Question: How can we remove unwanted hair, easily and effectively, ahead of Valentine's Day?

Sarah Pelham: As highly as I recommend permanent laser hair removal, Valentine's Day is not the best time to begin a regimen for Australian women, as waxing, sunny beach days and heavily-scented products are all big no-no's while undergoing laser hair removal treatments!

So it's no surprise that waxing is the best way remove unwanted hair. Make sure to visit a professional who can do the job thoroughly and ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible. For those interested in a more natural alternative to waxing, sugaring is a fantastic option that's been used for centuries and is just as effective.

Question: How can we combine exercise with fat reduction beauty treatments?

Sarah Pelham: While renewing your gym membership, hitting hot yoga with a vengeance and counting the calories can all contribute towards a newly svelte figure, sometimes we all need a bit of extra help when it comes to fat reduction.

Currently two-thirds of Australians are overweight or obese - with those numbers rising - and 71% of women in Australia currently suffering from an unhealthy amount of fat. Thankfully, along with a healthy diet and exercise, there are a number of beauty treatments that can help trim and tighten those stubborn inches.

Question: Can you share your top four beauty treatments that can also aid in weight loss?

Sarah Pelham: Whatever area you're struggling with, here are a variety of treatments that will help you shed the pounds:

Body contouring
If you want to remove stubborn areas of fat and pounding the treadmill isn't doing the trick, body contouring might be just what you're looking for. Using state of the art technology to heat the temperature of the cells, thus permanently destroying them, body contouring is one of the latest technologies when it comes to achieving a toned and sculpted body. Results can appear from the very first treatment, and include targeting fat reduction, better defined curves, reduced cellulite and firmer skin. Generally used to treat areas prone to weight gain including the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper torso and upper arms, it's a great way of eviscerating persistent pockets of fat. Prices start from $149 for the stomach or buttocks, and $169 for the inner or outer thighs.

The key difference between most forms of fat reduction treatments and Cryolipolysis is the temperature used to target the fat. While traditional contouring involves heating fat cells until they die, Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells in order to permanently destroy them. The treatment works by using an applicator to -suction' the targeted area while cooling it which causes the fat cells to freeze and die. While the cool temperature can take some getting used to, minimum discomfort is involved in the treatment and there's no recovery time, meaning you can hit the gym the very same day. Prices start from $450 for a 30-minute treatment.

Fat Cavitation
A non invasive form of liposuction, Fat Cavitation can help eliminate inches almost immediately. The treatment works via an ultrasound being emitted into a fat layer, triggering a huge amount of pressure to build up within the cells, resulting in permanent fat loss once the desired outcome is reached. Carried out by a trained aesthetician, Cavitation liposuction works by actively administering ultrasound technology to focus on specific areas. And unlike Laser Lipo - which is a hands free process - and thus less targeted, Fat Cavitation gives the aesthetician total control over the areas to attend to, and they are also able to correct any imbalance as well as -feather' the edges of the treatment area, ensuring a soft and natural finish. Prices start from $250 for a 20-minute treatment.

Laser Liposuction
Often the more expensive alternative to liposuction, Laser Lipo can carry with it a higher price tag to other fat reduction treatments due to the fact that laser technology is among the most expensive type to produce, meaning clinics that offer the treatment have a higher initial cost than their rivals. A hands-free treatment that can be carried out by a trained beauty therapist, Laser Lipo – unlike other fat reduction treatments that destroy fat – simply causes the metabolism of the fat cells, which results in the dissolution of the contents of the cells rather than the destruction of the cells themselves. Considered a temporary treatment, a minimum of six sessions are recommended, and they may need maintaining over the years to sustain the initial results. Prices start from $350 for the stomach or love handles, and $500 for the buttocks.

Question: What is Bookwell?

Sarah Pelham: is simple - book your next beauty, hair or massage appointment online instantly. Search and compare salons in your area, view real-time business availability and price lists, and then book and pay instantly online. Whether it's a Swedish massage, balayage, some reiki energy healing or a Shellac manicure you're after, we've got hundreds of reviewed beauty and wellness businesses on Bookwell to help you find your new local favourite!

Interview by Brooke Hunter