Sienna nail polish

Sienna nail polish

Sienna Is the Intersection of Beauty and Health

Many people are worried about the dangerous chemical ingredients involved when it comes to cosmetics, especially nail polish. This is a legitimate concern because a study by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group has shown that some nail polish brands may use harmful chemical ingredients like triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) in their products.

To address the issue, Danielle Egan was supposed to do something, and that's why we have Sienna breathable nail polish products here. Since 2013, the Sienna journey began to produce non-toxic and luxe beauty products that do not pose any risk to consumer's health and environment, and it also offers premium quality. There are more than 40 nature-inspired colors available.

As Egan says, "Our journey in sustainability is exactly that " a journey. We are continually looking for ways to do better."

The honesty in promoting products is something that Sienna firmly stands for. You may hear from some cosmetics brands that claim their products are safe for children and pregnant women without performing independent tests. Although Sienna products do not pose a threat to children's health, we firmly suggest keeping them out of reach of children. There is also a disclaimer note for it.

Sienna also values racial equality. We believe in providing an equal beauty opportunity for all people, regardless of their color, nationality, gender, and background. Supplying ingredients from companies that employ children is forbidden, and Sienna is committed to supporting Future Dreamers Rafiki Mwema charities.

We can boldly claim that we are the cleanest conventional nail polish available in the market. Our new state-of-the-art production facilities encourage us to take non-toxic nail polish production to a new level.

What sets Sienna products apart?

Sienna is one of the few brands on the market that focuses on producing non-toxic and breathable nail polish products, which has led to high online interest. One thing that distinguishes Sienna from other cosmetic brands is that it's the only brand globally that doesn't use Aluminium in production, and all products are Aluminium-free.

Sienna also does not use chemicals such as Benzophenone-1 and formaldehyde. For an eco-friendly and green production, there is no use of glitter (microplastics) and Nanoparticles in products. Microplastics do not decompose in nature and cause contamination. Nanoparticles also cause cell and DNA damage by creating free radicals. This is our way to show commitment to the zero-waste planet and keeping consumers safe.

The packaging also comes with eco-friendly in mind. The caps of the bottles are made from timber instead of plastics. The timber caps are unique to Sienna, and they come from non-native weed timbers. Moreover, the ingredients we use are plant-based and renewable.

To complete the cycle of environmental protection, we started an in-house recycling program. The packaging is 100% recyclable. Our customers can return their empties to have done their share of this cycle.

Finally, we strongly believe that our planet belongs to all living creatures. That's why we are cruelty-free and condemn any testing of cosmetics on animals that could harm them.


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