Tooth decay in children

Tooth decay in children


50% of Australian Children Under Six Suffer from Most Common Yet Preventable Chronic Disease

  • Lack of oral hygiene leads to chronic tooth decay in Australia today, with 58% of Australian children suffering from the disease.

  • Grin Natural is partnering with medical practitioner and mum of 6, Jana Pittman, Chemist Warehouse and Australian charity, Good360, to help raise awareness of these issues across Australia via the launch of the 'Share A Grin' campaign

  • The 'Share A Grin' campaign is launching in early June and will run across the months of June, July and August. Supported by Chemist Warehouse as its retail foundation partner, Grin will donate a bio-degradable toothbrush to children in need for every Grin product purchased at Chemist Warehouse during the three-month period.

It's a little known, yet shocking fact, that tooth decay is Australia's most common but preventable chronic disease. Research shows that, in particular, 1 in 3 children have experienced decay in a baby tooth by the age of 5 years old¹, and even worse, 50% of Australian children under 6 years old now suffer from tooth decay.[HW1] ²

Further, 58% of Australian children have tooth decay in their adult teeth by the time they reach the age of fourteen³, with around 1 in 10 children aged 6–14 having had at least one permanent tooth with untreated decay.

Even though the chronic disease is highly preventable; many Australian parents are leaving it too late to treat, with 1 in 4 believing their children only need to see the dentist if they have a problem with their teeth⁴. Left untreated, tooth decay can lead to many long-term and serious problems including speech impairments, poor jaw development which can lead to problems with eating; and severe gum disease.⁵

Poor oral health can also have an impact on mental health, with many feeling embarrassed about their teeth and avoiding eating and drinking in front of others, which can have an effect on a person's overall wellbeing. For Aussies with a lower income, particularly in a rising cost of living environment, tooth decay often goes untreated due to the expense associated with dental care.


Studies have demonstrated that the proportion of untreated tooth decay is higher for those from low-income households (15%) and twice as high for those living in remote and very remote areas (22%).

Indigenous children (44%) aged 5–10 were also more likely to have had at least one deciduous tooth with untreated decay than non-Indigenous children (26%).6


To lead the fight against tooth decay, oral care brand, Grin Natural, is excited to announce the launch of its 'Share A Grin' campaign  which will see up to 100,000 biodegradable toothbrushes donated to families in need across Australia. The campaign is aimed at stressing the importance of maintaining good oral care in adults and children given the stark statistics that highlight the issue in general across Australia, and the health risks associated with it.






From today to end of August, 2022, for every Grin Natural product purchased at Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths across Australia, Grin will donate an eco-friendly toothbrush to an Aussie child most in need. The 'buy one, give one' promotion will run nationally in stores, and online. Donations from the initiative will be distributed via charity partner, Good360 Australia to hundreds of local charities across Australia across the campaign.

As the official Australian ambassador of 'Share A Grin', athlete, mum and doctor, Jana Pittman, knows all too well the importance of maintaining good oral health, and how crucial it is to implement good habits during the early stages of life.

"As a mum of six, and having faced obstacles with my health in the past, my priorities have changed. This firmly ignited my passion and drive to become a doctor, a dream I'd had as a child. The health of myself and my children is my number one priority, and when we think about overall health, we have to consider our oral care as it's such a huge contributor to our daily lives.

Jana continues: "I'm so proud to partner with Grin Natural, and to join forces with Chemist Warehouse and Good360 on this campaign as I strongly believe everyone, no matter what background should have access to basic oral care to help avoid such a preventable disease."

Grin Natural Founder and CEO, Tara Tan, explains how 'Share A Grin' was born: "My journey into oral care came about when I questioned exactly what my daughter was putting into her mouth.  It sparked something in me to create a product that was safe and environmentally friendly, and something all parents could have access to. I initiated 'Share A Grin' as I was truly shocked by the significance of oral health care, not only within New Zealand but also within Australia. Especially within the current environment, I wanted to create something positive and inspire others to get on board and support our community. To me, when you share a grin, you share a connection, so that everyone can grin.

Grin Natural is partnering with Australian charity, Good360 Australia, to help get toothbrushes into the hands of people who really need them. Founder and Managing Director of Good360, Alison Covington, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Grin Natural as the official charity partner for this extremely important campaign. As a Not for Profit, Good360 Australia's mission is to match brand new goods donated by businesses such as Grin Natural, to people in need across Australia, via our network of over 3,000 member charities and disadvantaged schools, helping to provide dignity and equality to all, no matter their socio-economic status."


'Share A Grin' is a nationwide campaign that invites Australians to play their part in creating good oral health habits and to help build awareness and education around child tooth decay in Australia, while giving back to the community and helping people in need of basic oral care. 

For more information about 'Share A Grin', visit: [HW3]


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