Darlene O'Gara 2018 Beauty Trends Interview

Darlene O'Gara 2018 Beauty Trends Interview

Think… Light Therapy for Glowing Skin and Micro-Needling to Encourage New Collagen Production

Darlene O'Gara of Australian Skin Clinics has told us what to expect from some of the most exciting developments in technology for beauty and skincare trends in 2018!

Interview with Darlene O'Gara, Australian Skin Clinics' National Training Manager

Question: What are some of the exciting developments in beauty and skincare technology?

Darlene O'Gara: New developments in micro-needling are really exciting, as are new fat reduction treatments such as injectable chin sculpting (double-chin reduction) and fat freezing. Also, skincare has come a long way in recent years with active ingredients and slow-releasing technology making leaps and bounds.

Question: Which of these are you most excited about and why?

Darlene O'Gara: Micro-needling technology like Nanopore is something I'm really excited about. It improves the production and formation of collagen as well as reduces scarring. It's also one of the first treatments of its kind as it can target the more sensitive areas around the eye, which we have been unable to treat previously with laser or other types of skin-needling. Nanopore is revolutionary and an Australian first for anti-aging, especially when it comes to the eyes.

Question: Can you tell us more about LED light therapy and how this will make our skin glow?

Darlene O'Gara: LED Light Therapy harnesses the healing power of light for a total skin rejuvenation solution. The deep penetrating and soothing LED lights are targeted deep into the skin cells to heighten their internal functions, photo-stimulate dermal blood flow and induce faster healing, decrease pain, reduce acne and more! Client's skin feels firmer, healthier and they achieve an allover glow.

Question: What cost and how many treatments are associated with light therapy?

Darlene O'Gara: The number of treatments required will depend on a client's individual goals, which will be discussed during their initial consultation. Typically, clients are treated two times per week over a period of time and many clients see and feel results after just one treatment. Pricing starts as low as $49 when adding on to a pre-existing treatment.

Question: What is micro-needling and how does it encourage new collagen production?

Darlene O'Gara: Nanopore Micro-Needling is next generation technology out of Spain and uses a pen-like machine that causes 900 micro-punctures per second. Due to the speed of the device, no numbing is required, allowing clients to be in and out within 30-minutes. The treatment can even target sensitive areas such as skin around the eyebrow bone and under the eye, fighting signs of ageing like never before. By using micro-punctures to cause a superficial, controlled -wounding' to the skin, Nanopore Micro-Needling encourages new collagen formation, leaving you with fresher, tighter-looking skin!

Question: What new beauty and skincare trends will we see, on our social media, this year?

Darlene O'Gara: At Australian Skin Clinics, we are seeing a huge shift towards personalised, annual treatment plans over ad-hoc visits to the local skin care clinic. We believe clients will begin to combine technologies such as injectable facial sculpting and enhancement, skin resurfacing with Fractional RF and micro-needling, along with LED Light Therapy for faster healing – for an overall approach to their beauty regime.

Question: Which treatment do you book in for, when you need to relax?

Darlene O'Gara: LED Light Therapy is my new favourite treatment when I want to relax, but also experience great benefits for my skin at the same time. The treatment is fantastic for increasing overall skin health and boosting my everyday glow!

Question: Can you tell us about the brands which are creating cruelty-free skincare with scientifically-proven ingredients?

Darlene O'Gara: Balense is a clinically proven skin care range that offers high performance active ingredients, slow release technology, powerful antioxidants and results you can see. Each product in the Balense range is dermatologist-approved, Australian-made and ethically sourced, meaning our clients can have a clear complexion and an even clearer conscience!

Question: What's next for Australian Skin Clinics' treatments and clinics?

Darlene O'Gara: The Australian Skin Clinics team is continuing to grow with new clinic locations opening across Australia in 2018. Our aim is to continue to stay at the forefront of medi-aesthetic technology and bring our clients the latest and greatest in results-driven treatments!

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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