Sarah Lyttle nbn Interview

Sarah Lyttle nbn Interview

Sarah Lyttle nbn Interview

Research from Telsyte's Digital Consumer Study (2016) revealed that 1 in 3 Australians prefer to shop within online marketplaces such as eBay, and an incredible $30 billion nationwide was spent on digital commerce.

With 42 per cent of Australians now shopping on the internet to save money, the nbn have identified key shopping hacks to enhance the online experience this EOFY:

Do your research, the right way – According to Telsyte, almost half of us are doubtful when we read the comments and reviews left by consumers on a sponsored social media post. Yet one in four of us will trust what our friends and family say on social channels above other news sources. Tip: Keep it authentic and check out the likes of Reddit to gauge genuine customer feedback.

Protection yourself – Telsyte research revealed a whopping 3 million Aussies make purchases via their smartphone each week, but 74 per cent of us are concerned about private information being exposed during the point of purchase. Tip: seek out sites that house payments within the app for added security.

Make sure your getting the best deal – Australians are getting savvy with their savings, further data from Telsyte states 1 in 5 of us compare prices on our smartphones while we're in store Tip: Multi-task by having your mobile on you; check both the bricks & mortar AND online stores to price match.

Choose the right time to shop – as we wind down our day and put the kids to rest, more Aussies are making savings and harnessing access to fast broadband at home. Recent data from the nbn network reveals 9:00pm is prime -surfing the web' time. Tip: Take advantage of these new bargain windows, nbn advise early morning and late night are the best times to shop.

Interview with Sarah Lyttle

Sarah Lyttle is founder of Flossy P Art, and quickly became well-known for her pillowcases and cushion covers, which started selling online all over the world. Working in a local Coffs Harbour Co Working space, Six Degrees, has meant Sarah is able to network with other likeminded creatives and harness access to fast internet to run her business.

Question: Can you tell us about your business flossy-p?

Sarah Lyttle: I work as an artist under the pseudonym flossy-p, creating original art works, illustrations and homewares for people to purchase. After years of creating art for galleries in Australia and the USA, I noticed there was an opportunity for me to take my work to a wider audience so I decided to take my online etsy store in a new direction. Taking my art online was an easy way to reach my client base who I have been able to build up over the years, and reach a new audience of consumers with an interest in my art.

Question: What inspires you when creating cushion covers?

Sarah Lyttle: I generally draw inspiration from my natural surroundings. From our house I can see mountains out the front, and a bushy reserve and creek out the back. We have bandicoots scampering across our garden at night, koalas over the back fence, and even fireflies in spring, all despite living within walking-distance to town. It's idyllic! Living so close to nature, stunning landscapes, a pick of beautiful beaches, a great bunch of friendly people in our local co-working space. So I'm spoilt for choice really.

Question: Do you currently have a favourite cover in the range?

Sarah Lyttle: I have a very detailed drawing of a deer in my collection that comes as a pillowcase (and cushion cover). Just as I was planning on discontinuing it, stylists from across the country (and overseas) have started snapping it up for their nordic and scandi styled spaces. It's become very popular. Not quite as loved as my Giant Wombat series mind you.

Question: How does the fast internet benefit you and your business?

Sarah Lyttle: Being an artist, I often need to transfer very large high res files. Having that access to fast internet means I can interact with my clients and run my business without any buffering or delay. Whether its liaising with suppliers via email, taking orders from clients through my online store or surfing the net for inspiration, having access to fast internet means I can run my business seamlessly. Its exciting to think that as more Australians gain access to the nbn network people can not only take advantage of the latest technologies to improve efficiencies, but they are also empowered to harness teleworking for a better work/life balance. We are lucky enough to have nbn at home now too, which means in those brief moments between looking after my young children, I am able to get bits of work done, thanks to my high speed, no delay internet connection.

Question: What is Six Degrees?

Sarah Lyttle: Six Degrees is a co-working space in the centre of Coffs Harbour where business owners, creatives and freelancers can come and work in a collaborative environment. One of the major draw cards that attracted me to this space was that it is connected to the nbn.

Question: What positives have you gained from working at Six Degrees/How has working with Six Degrees helped you network?

Sarah Lyttle: Since working at Six Degrees I've been able to expand my social circles and learn from and connect to other local business owners. It's given me the opportunity to work in a collaborative and social environment, rather than working alone from home, whilst also having access to fast internet.

Question: What's next, for you?
Sarah Lyttle: From mid-year onward I work on preparing lots of new products in time for Christmas! Check out my store for what's to come.

Facebook: flossy-p

Etsy: flossy-p art

Online store: flossy-p

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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