Real Life Games Farm Vet PC Game

Real Life Games Farm Vet PC Game
Attention all Animal Lovers!

Explore and interact with the farm animals in the biggest and most realistic veterinary simulation to date. You're in charge of dozens of farmyard animals. Diagnose and treat their aliments using realistic vet tools and care and nurture all the animals back to health. Farm Vet will tug on your heartstrings, make you laugh and challenge your mind!

You are the apprentice vet and in charge of treating all the farm animals to become a full-fledged veterinarian. Diagnose, treat and nurse the animals back to health using your vet skills and tender loving care.

As the apprentice to the vet, you will work hard running the farm while he teaches you everything you need to know. You will receive promotions and eventually assume control of the farm.

Running a farm requires taking care of all the animals' needs, including shearing sheep, horseback riding, milking cows, collecting eggs and playing with the animals.

The farm is an exciting place and you are free to explore and move around. Each time you master cases and tasks the farm will grow.

Whether the horse has a dislocated knee or the cow h as choked on an apple, 'Farm Vet' players can be sure they're getting the real deal. 'Farm Vet' centres on a player character that faces real-life animal care situations in order to build experience and train to become the virtual farm's primary veterinarian by the end of the game. In order to create all of the animal health care situations players experience in the game the team at Legacy interactive tapped into a community of veterinarians through online channels.

Veterinarians across the US were asked to submit real-life scenarios and challenges they had faced in their own practices and only the best and most interesting cases were selected. The resulting detailed vet simulations were written by real working vets from their own personal case files. In addition to treating their aliments, players must also provide their basic care including feeding, watering, walking and playing with the animals.

"Farm Vet is an informative, interactive case study program that I hope will ignite an interest in animal medicine. The diseases illustrated in this game are carefully researched examples of what are routinely encountered by farm animal veterinarians" said Nampa, Idaho-based veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Wehr. "Young animal lovers and anyone with an interest in medicine or science will love this game."

Key Features
* The only simulation game that combines veterinary care with farm management
* Real-Time 3D fun!
* Over 50 animals to treat including horses, cows, rabbits, sheep, ducks, pigs, chickens and dogs
* 60 medical problems all written by real life veterinarians
* 30 realistic vet tools at your disposal
* 3 levels of difficulty
* 5 engaging mini-games to play

Review: Educational fun at it's best. Challenging enough to keep you interested, plus great visuals for stimulation and realism. Thoroughly enjoyable, this is a game that could be played over and over and never get tired of.

RRP: $29.95
For animal lovers 8 to 80+
Platform: WinXP/Vista
Developer: Legacy Interactives
Distributor: Mindscape

Real Life Games 'Farm Vet' is available through all major retailers and computer software outlets or online at Mindscape.

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