Innovative Aussie Freight Model Delivers Big Savings For Local Business

An innovative Australian freight forwarding business is saving big bucks for local traders by cutting international freight costs.

Founded by Melbourne-based e-commerce entrepreneur Bridget Speed and her Los Angeles based brother Andrew Scott, Qannu is Australia's first fee-free online package forwarding service and cuts the shipping costs for Australian online shoppers and companies who purchase goods from the US.

Qannu (pronounced Kah-Nu after the early form of transport, the canoe) allows customers to shop from US websites, but pay just one international delivery fee. Single or multiple goods are packaged at Qannu's US warehouse, and sent to customers in Australia in five to eight days. There are no joining fees, membership fees or personal shopping fees.


Andrew Plummer, who owns Melbourne-based electronic goods e-tailer, metro3online, stumbled upon Qannu during an online search and now uses their service every month. The former marketing executive said Qannu had been a 'game changer" for his business, allowing metro3online to place small orders with US suppliers then combine them with others
for cost-effective shipment to Australia.

'The imports we now make were not possible before because most US suppliers have a domestic focus," Mr Plummer said. 'This means their courier rates to places like Australia are lousy and commercially unviable. They are charged a premium by the likes of Fedex because they don't have scale."

Since switching to Qannu's delivery service, metro3online had grown its existing categories and expanded into new ones. The savings are passed on to customers through competitive pricing.

'It had opened up a supply base that has never been available and placed us in a much stronger position," Mr Plummer said. 'We now buy from four or five suppliers in the US who offer free post to our Qannu address. Our aim is to be price competitive with anything sold online in the US and now we get very close."

Qannu's competitive pricing and reliable, easy to use system has proven a 'godsend" to Dannielle Monaghan, who purchases fabric from 30 suppliers in the US for her business, SourPuss Designs, which sells handmade products such as cushion covers, quilts, scarves and headbands.

'Qannu has reduced the cost of my freight by at least 70 per cent and by as much as $1000 a month," Ms Monaghan said. 'My first order through Qannu saved my business $3,700. Since then I have placed more than 100 orders through my post box. I can order as small as a yard or metre of fabric and store it at Qannu and it is still cost effective."

Ms Monaghan believes she has saved more than $10,000 in the past year – an enormous sum for a small business. 'Without those savings I couldn't afford the cost and so could not supply the fabrics that my customers want. I couldn't be competitive."

The innovative Qannu business model has not gone unnoticed with mother-of-three Bridget recently recognised as one of the country's top female e-commerce talents in Mamamia's inaugural 'Most Clickable Women" awards, which celebrate the brightest Australian females operating in cyberspace.

Bridget, whose extensive industry experience includes senior roles with Disney Consumer Products and Kmart, coordinates Qannu's marketing campaigns, while Andrew, a former president and chief executive of one of the USA's largest shipping companies, oversees Qannu's US operations.

Qannu can be used to transport any products purchased on US websites. It is popular with customers of major retailers such as Sephora, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, eBay USA and Macy's, and unusual or large items, such as furniture or car parts.


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