Pretty Hot

Pretty Hot

Pretty Hot

Elizabeth Arden. A little bit naughty. A lot Pretty.

Everywoman wants to feel pretty, but some days she wants to turn up the heat with a sultry look, a mesmerising gaze, an alluring scent. Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden is mesmerising, fearless and sultry.

The Fragrance
Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden is a fragrance of unmistakable sexy confidence. Luminous notes of juicy red currant, lush blood orange and mandarin set off sparks. Igniting a daring floralcy, Belle de Nuit explodes like a firework in the night sky. Red peony, pimento blossom, Petalia™ and Georgywood™ give a floral woody depth. At the back, a smoldering blend of amber, white patchouli, tonka crystals, sandalwood and Cosmone™ makes the skin exude a sensuous, alluring warmth.

Top Notes: red currant, blood orange, juicymandarin, freesia, red apple.
Mid Notes: red peony, Belle de Nuit (Queen of the Night) Scentrek™, pimento blossom, Petalia,™ Georgywood.™
Drydown notes: sensuous amber, white patchouli, tonka crystals, sandalwood,Cosmone.™

Perfumer's Inspiration: Pretty Hot was created by international perfumer Claude Dir of Givaudan.
Claude was inspired by the night blossoming flower, Belle de Nuit, at his home in the South of France. On a warm summer evening while dining alfresco, a sultry floral scent floated across the terrace. Captivated by the arrival of this new flower in the night, it sparked Claude's imagination.

When Belle de Nuit (or Queen of the Night) blossoms in the moonlight, it is a beautiful contrast of fiery red petals that appear like fireworks unfurling in the darkness. The flower exudes an alluring floralcywith a kaleidoscope of spices and the lush, juiciness of dark red currants.Pretty Hot is a fragrance that makes a woman feel as sensuous and alluring as the Belle de Nuit. A graceful and unmistakably sexy confidence that turns up the heat, showing off her mesmerising femininity.

Red Currant
The tart flavor of the red current fruit is themost sought after, having a slight sweetness more than blackcurrant.
Blood Orange
First appearing in the 1850's in Italy, the blood orange has a crimson-colored,smooth flesh. It tastes more sweet than sour, with a rich, mouthwatering berry-like taste with distinct raspberry notes.
Juicy Mandarin
An oriental orange hybrid, it is smaller and sweeter than its cousin, the orange. The skin, blossoms and leaves produce three different essential oils. This luscious fruit can be sweet or tart and can range in size from small to as large as a grapefruit.
Native to Africa and part of the Iris family, Freesia emits an exquisite light, sweet floralcy. Typicallywhite or yellow, this blooming beauty is a springtime favorite.
Red Apple
Crisp and sweet, the apple has been used as a sign of temptation, as exemplified by it role in the tempting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Red Peony
Peonies are grown as ornamental plants and for their large, beautifully scented flowers. They flower from spring to the end of summer.
Belle De Nuit (Queen of the Night) Scentrek™
Enjoy their flowers in the late evening when they blossom, providing beauty and fragrance. Belle de Nuit grows in the tropical rainforests. The white flowers bloom during the evening hours, producing beauty and fragrance throughout the night.
Pimento Blossom
The pimento tree is indigenous to the Caribbean islands is known for its taste and the aroma of its berries and leaves.
Petalia™ is a new floral icon, years in the making with a global team of Givaudan scientists, perfumers and evaluators. Petalia™ is an exclusive and innovative newGivaudan molecule that is powerfully diffusive and beautifully substantive.
Georgywood™ is a combination of the richness of cedarwood and the intense vibration of an amber note. It unfurls power, warmth, volume and impact to the fragrance.
Sensuous Amber
Resin crystals taken from the sap of trees, this warm evocative scent is diffusive in back notes of the fragrance.
Patchouli has long been the scent of luxury, as Eastern traders packed bales of Patchouli amidst the paisleywoolen scarves and fine eastern silks favored by European aristocracy. The fleshy, down covered patchouli leaves are cured and then distilled for their fragrant oils, which signified both luxury and carnal desire.
Tonka Crystals
Tonka beans are found in northern South America. Through a special process, the Tonka crystals which lie below the surface of the tonka skin are collected and distilled.The crystals give off a softly sweet scent through notes of vanilla and a hint of spice.
Sandalwood is a significant ingredient for many eastern religions, including Hinduism,Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and is used as an incense and a fragrant oil.
An intensely rich, powerful and elegant Givaudan exclusive musk. The warm, powderyfacets of Cosmone™ bring volume to the accords used with it.
ScentTrek™, Petalia™, Georgywood™ and Cosmone™ are the property of the Givaudan Group and are used under license. These captive ingredients are the result of intense research programs that fuse nature and technology, offering the finest fragrance experience available today.

Bottle: The Pretty Hot bottle is a tinted grenadine colored glass with a white logo and a clear tinted grenadine flower disc at the top.
Carton: The carton is an alluring embossed metallic and matte flower pattern against a grenadine background with a white logo.
The Collection
Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden:
100ml Eau de Parfum Spray RRP $125
50ml Eau de Parfum Spray RRP $90

Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden is available at Myer, David Jones & selected Pharmacies.Stockist Number: 1800 015 500