Nicole T Harcourt Fulfilment Interview

Nicole T Harcourt Fulfilment Interview

Nicole T Harcourt Fulfilment Interview

Everyone has felt unhappy at times of struggle and stress, but many people have felt a lack of fulfilment or a sense of unhappiness in their lives even when achieving their deepest dreams and desires. This leads people to question why they are still not satisfied, further enhancing feelings of guilt and even depression.

Nicole T Harcourt, best-selling author, life stylist and founder of Evolved Life Visions, has experienced this feeling of dread and actively made changes to her life to overcome these negative feelings. She created Evolved Life Visions, a life coaching program, in order to help others get past their own barriers and find their true life path. Over the past 15 years Nicole has helped A-list movie stars and celebrities, royalty, major corporations, elite athletes and overall high performers find fulfilment in their lives again. Throughout her career she has dealt with many seemingly successful clients expressing their feelings of discontentment. She has shared the five main reasons people feel unfulfilled and from her experience, what they can do to fix it.

Living in your comfort zone
'Do you ever wake up and wish you could press the snooze button on the next day, week or even year? Are you feeling a lack of enthusiasm, excitement or interest in what lies ahead? Well you're not alone. Many of my clients over the years have felt like this. The reason people feel this way is because they are stuck in their own comfort zone and are seeking fulfilment in all the wrong places. Their vision of success is based on superficial needs. I have had some of the most successful people in the world come to see me as they think that when they reach their goal, then they will be happy. However, they haven't based this on how they will feel or how they will grow as a person from attaining the goal. For example, a new car could be a goal however what is the motivation behind this? Is it need or greed? How will you feel when you reach this goal? Is it going to make your life better? Happier? Or is it only feeding your ego? Or pleasing those who have certain expectations of you? Asking these questions adds substance to each goal. By weighing all of your goals against growth and emotional development it will satisfy your internal goals, and lead to a sense of fulfilment. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.'

Too much negativity
'Do you constantly compare yourself to others with feelings of envy and feel a sense of failure? If so, you are seeking outside approval in all you do because your inner voice is negative and therefore not listening to your true goals and desires. All of these things combined can lead to stress and anxiety. In a day and age of social media in which everyone is encouraged to compare themselves to others, it can be hard to accept ourselves as we are and feel content. By finding what makes you feel good and learning the latest Evolved Guided Visualisation Techniques (EGVT) you will be able to learn what your true potential is. Accept that failure is a part of life and that it helps people to discover a new path and opens up new opportunities. When you finally realise that you're not in a place you want to be in your life, you will fall in line with your true life purpose and your attitude and reality will begin to transform. It is about taking small steps in the right direction in both your heart, soul and mind."

Not having a purpose
'Sometimes when people are so used to feeling unfulfilled and have felt that way for a long time they don't know how to change. I always advise my clients that they need to envisage their goals and then learn how to take baby steps towards those goals. As we often hear, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were our dreams but we can live a full life by always following our true life goals and making sure we are continuously making pathways to those goals. Using techniques such as guided questions will open up self-awareness and allow you to find your life path. We need to open up our minds and listen to our inner voice and follow our heart. Doing this will create a stronger bond with ourselves and make us more capable of overcoming obstacles along the way."

Fear of taking risks
'When people are stuck in a rut or are unhappy, they have the ability to change but change can be associated with taking risks which many people are afraid of. It is this fear that holds people in their comfort zone. However, when people are able to visualise their dreams and goals they can build the courage to overcome the associated risks. Many of my clients over the years have lived -fairy-tale' lives but were still unhappy. In order for them to find their true life path they had to risk this lifestyle they worked so hard to obtain. However, what I have found is when they tune into what their heart, mind and soul really want and chase it, their lives are so much richer and happier than they were before."

Not asking for help or seeking help
'86% of all people never find fulfilment as they can't reach their goals because they haven't programmed their brain accordingly. In neuroscience the ego - the same part of the brain which controls the fight or flight mode - resists change. It resists change as it thinks your current status is the safest way to operate and is only tuned to move on a flight or fight reaction. Which is why it is so hard to change and the brain will resist forming new neural pathways as 1. the brain doesn't want to upset the status quo and 2. the brain, unless directed towards a goal, doesn't understand what it needs to do to get there. The brain actually needs to be rewired with new patterns which is the key to success and lasting transformation. When children are growing up they need assistance and encouragement in order to learn, it is the same as we grow older, we need help in order to find the right path."

Interview with Nicole T Harcourt

Evolved Life Visions is a life coaching service that guides people through major life changes including financial worries, relationship woes and more. The program was established by number one international best-selling author, motivational speaker, TV presenter and life stylist, Nicole T Harcourt.

After years of varying career choices, battles with depression, addiction, unhealthy relationships and finding -success' in a lifestyle of the rich and famous, Nicole realised that contentment and happiness come from within and in order to feel fulfilled she needed to embrace her spirited self. It is through her own life experiences and learnings that she discovered techniques to teach others and has since helped transform the lives of thousands of people including A-list movie stars and celebrities, royalty, major corporations, elite athletes and overall high performers.

The program uses the latest researched practices in neuroscience, combining activating hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques to change clients' behavioural patterns for lasting results. These techniques have been scientifically researched, developed and practised in line with a spiritual and social perspective to become the renowned Evolved Guided Visualisation Techniques(EGVT). These ground-breaking, multi-dimensional techniques are used by CEOs, elite athletes, corporations and individuals who want to maximise their potential and deliver results.

Nicole also has extensive knowledge and experience in the Health and Wellness industry and has a Master's Degree in Communications, is a certified Life Coach, a certified Hypnotherapist and is the President of the World Alliance of Life Coaches.

Nicole has also launched a new book, A Divergent Path – Reach your Potential, Life with Soulful Purpose, which guides people through the latest neuroscientific research to achieve true happiness. The book was a best seller in the US reaching number one in both the non-fiction and self-help categories.

Evolved life Visions is holding workshops Australia wide. Tour dates, locations and tickets available online. Nicole's e-book A Divergent Life – Reach Your Potential Live with Soulful Purpose is available on Amazon. RRP $4.16
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Question: How would you define life fulfilment?

Nicole T Harcourt: Life Fulfilment is waking up each day with purpose, direction and excitement for the day ahead. You might be physically and mentally aware, but only your spirited self, the spirited self which is that inner knowing, your intuition, knows what makes you feel fulfilled. By aligning your spirited self with your body and mind you will be guided to find what makes you happy.

So essentially fulfilment is COHERENCE – and coherence is harmony – everything working in sync – in your emotions, your mind set – in your spiritual being and in your physical body towards achieving the goals and dreams that you have. Only when you have Coherence and align your physical, emotional, spiritual emotions with everything working in sync, will you experience fulfilment.

Question: Are you surprised that 86% of people never find fulfilment?

Nicole T Harcourt: This is a great question – when I polled a number of clients/friends/family they all answered yes. However, from my expert opinion the answer is NO – too many of us are seeking to find -fulfilment' in all the wrong place. What we -learn' is what society tells us, fulfilment is which in today's society is– Celebrity; Wealth and all the TRAPPINGs which go with this. How are we meant to be fulfilled when we never stop to discover and ask ourselves the essential questions of life and what makes us personally happy. We need to define what success means to us, to find and live a fulfilling and happy life. Unfortunately, it's usually only when we are presented with a traumatic event that we usually start to ask ourselves all the -hard' but essential questions which provide happiness and meaning to our lives. So many people are stuck on the merry go round of an unfulfilling life as they don't dare to ask or are simply caught up with what society presents to us as being fulfilled.

Question: What is the number one reason we are not finding fulfilment?

Nicole T Harcourt: Not asking the right questions of ourselves and aligning all of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual components to create coherence within ourselves. Also confusing fulfilment with financial gain is another concerning factor.

Question: How does a lack of fulfilment cause depression?

Nicole T Harcourt: To wake up every day dissatisfied with your life – to know there is more out there and to see others getting ahead – but just not knowing how to escape the rat race - is a leading cause of depression (which isn't chemical related); unhappiness and frustration – leading to stress, anger and anxiety.

Question: What is Evolved Life Visions?

Nicole T Harcourt: Living with an Evolved Life Vision – Is creating a vision of your life and all its facets with awareness of what makes you happy, and then working on a day to day basis and committing yourself 100% to do all you can to fulfil this. You cannot just -try' to reach fulfilment, you must actively work at it to have -it'. Never be distracted by what others think, or how you might have acted in the past or be held back by your old past negative beliefs. By living with an evolved life vision you are working to create a new vision and direction for your life - claiming the life you were born to live, the life you deserve.

You see what I believe and I have seen the results with working my clients - is that you wouldn't have the big goals and dreams and desires you have for yourself and for your family or for your career and the things you want to do in the world to give your life more meaning, purpose and fulfilment – unless there was also the ability to achieve it.

And I have the abilities to teach you how to do this – just like my mentor taught me.

Question: What inspired the concept of Evolved Life Visions?

Nicole T Harcourt: Having overcome many personal struggles which included an eating disorder, abuse, depression, addiction – I was directed from all of my past failures to expand on myself and improve a life whereby although I was extremely financially successfully – I was miserable at my core. Upon many encounters with a number of other extremely successful people who after in-depth insightful conversations felt the same as myself – I realised that I wanted to work to help others overcome their feelings of life dissatisfaction. Life is precious, we can't waste a moment we must make every moment count not just in our lives but for those around us. I believe we can all make a difference by being the difference.

Question: How did you overcome the negative feelings you felt?

Nicole T Harcourt: I asked for help. I sought advice. I never stopped asking or learning. I found a mentor, I studied and worked every day and I never gave up hope and I had faith in the knowing that I was supposed to live the best life I could – like us all – and that with the success I experienced in my complete transformation – I knew I could help others.

In order for you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams you have you need to gain the confidence that you can do it and you have to increase yours self-worth. Your self-worth is what you believe and what you believe is what you are worth. It is not the belief you talk about with your friends as there are two types of beliefs. There are the beliefs that you talk about with your friends e.g -yeah I believe I can do this'and there is the belief deep in your mind which says, Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Am I worthy enough? You want to create unshakeable beliefs that you are good enough and in order to have that conviction you have to master your emotions and create coherence.

Question: Why is it important to live outside our comfort zone?

Nicole T Harcourt: A fearful mind is like a volcano. It will create destruction with every outburst of lava. When we have common fears, such as fear of starting over, or moving ourselves out of our comfort zone we limit ourselves in experiencing life's normal activities. When we have fearful thoughts on a general basis, such as fearing the worst-case scenario for all outcomes, we can even manifest those outcomes into our realities. By learning to move out of our comfort zone and face our fears, releasing them and replacing them with thoughts of faith is one of the best methods we can do to cleanse our minds and uplift our life experience. If we do not release fearful distortions within the mind, we remain stuck, in pain, and limited from truly living life as we are meant to. It won't allow you to be motivated and achieve your goals as your right pre frontal cortex gets activated which stops you from being motivated as its focusing on why you can't. We need to constantly push ourselves out of our comfort zone – and what this actually means is that we are forming new neural pathways – the comfort zone is just our brain using the present neural pathways – to move out of our comfort zone means we need to build new neural pathways and this is why it can be difficult to do. However, if we don't push ourselves – then we will never change or grow or get the results we want and deserve in our life.

Question: Does this correlate to the importance of taking risks?

Nicole T Harcourt: Risk taking means that you upsetting the status quo of your brains patterns. This is a good thing as you are expanding your brain which means your own capacity.

By learning to recognise and manage your emotions and using some of the EGVT tools and by -taking risks' you will actually activate the left pre frontal cortex or the genius part of your brain and that is what is required with getting totally aligned with what you need to do. When you do that you start to develop new beliefs and new habits on HOW to do that and this is a process. And what happens is that you start by taking these risks to change your mental thermostat and by changing its setting so you don't go back to your old behaviours and this is how you CHANGE.

Interview by Brooke Hunter