Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock Hits Store Shelves

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock Hits Store Shelves
Mindscape Asia Pacific launches the new Nancy Drew series of PC games in Australia. American icon Nancy Drew turns 75 this year and Her Interactive is marking the anniversary by debuting a computer game inspired by the first Nancy Drew novel, Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock. The PC game, which carries the same name, is the 12th in the award-winning Nancy Drew series, and is now available at retail stores nationwide.

"Nancy Drew fans of all ages will enjoy Secret of the Old Clock," said Megan Gaiser, president and CEO of Her Interactive, developers of the Nancy Drew series of games. "Moms who fondly remember reading the first novel and their daughters who have come to know the legendary sleuth via our computer games come together to solve this mystery as a team. Nancy Drew is the ideal bridge between moms and daughters spending leisure time together."

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock is filled with the same mystery, intrigue and hidden agendas that made the original books so popular. The game opens with Nancy driving her classic blue roadster to the Lilac Inn in the sleepy town of Titusville. A mutual friend has suggested that Nancy look in on 17-year-old Emily Crandall who has inherited the inn from her recently deceased mother. After a mere month, Emily is straining to keep up with the management and financial demands of the inn. Nancy is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Players step into the shoes of Nancy Drew as they are challenged to figure out the root of Emilys problems. They can travel around town supporting themselves with part time jobs and casually chatting with Emily and her circle of acquaintances that provide clues. Theres the friendly but stressed local banker, the ESP expert who lives near the inn and Emilys guardian, always distracted but constantly around to help.

For the first time, players will be able to drive around town in Nancys car with the aid of a map. They will also tie together clues from a myriad of puzzles. In addition, theres a mini-golf game within the game. Paying homage to Nancy Drews three quarters of a century staying power, Her Interactives development team has also buried some surprises into the game that reflect the anniversary year. For example, there are 75 hidden references to the 75th anniversary and an embedded portrait of Edward Stratemeyer, creator of the Nancy Drew series.

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock has a junior and senior detective mode, allowing both new and more seasoned players to set an appropriate level of difficulty. Players also get in-game assistance and fall back on the second chance feature which allows them to retrace their steps without having to start from the beginning.

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock offers up to 20 hours of gameplay and is priced at $29.95 inc GST. The game is currently available at all major gaming outlets, and at

About Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew debuted in 1930 and is still going strong in 2006. She is a smart, independent, gutsy and resourceful teen detective who can crack even the toughest case. Publishing in 22 languages and with more than 100 million copies in print worldwide, Nancy Drew has engaged readers and served as a role model globally for generations.

About Her Interactive
Her Interactive creates intelligent, interactive entertainment for girls of all ages. The company designs, develops and publishes award-winning games that offer role-playing, mystery, and adventure that girls and women find both challenging and fun. Her Interactives Nancy Drew series offers exciting gameplay without violence or gender stereotypes. More information about the company and the Nancy Drew games can be found at

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