Monique Cashion Organic Awareness Month Interview

Monique Cashion Organic Awareness Month Interview

Monique Cashion Organic Awareness Month Interview

Question: Are you impressed that "three-quarters of all supermarket shoppers now buying organic items in their weekly shop"?

Monique Cashion: It's never been easier to include organic food in your weekly shop. There are now several organic suppliers for every type of product you might currently consume. At Woolworths, items from its Macro Organic range, such as canned legumes, pasta, pasta sauce, honey and long life milk cost little more than their non-organic competitors.

Question: Why are more people choosing organic?

Monique Cashion: People are choosing organic for peace of mind so they know what they are consuming is made entirely using organic ingredients and processes, without genetic modification or unsustainable farming practices. That's why it's important that people choose products that are 'certified organic'. In order to receive Organic Certification, growers must run their business according to organic standards, fulfil all requirements and comply with inspections for a minimum of three years. Once certified, they are regularly audited to ensure they're meeting strict standards.

Question: What are Woolworths shoppers favourite organic products?

Monique Cashion: Organic fruit and vegetables are always extremely popular. Last week the top five selling organic items at Woolworths across Australia were carrots, Royal Gala apples, broccoli, celery hearts and salad spinach, showing that Australians are prioritising fresh produce when it comes to buying organic.

Question: What's the best way for Australian's to begin adding organic products into their diet?

Monique Cashion: When choosing organic, it's important to start with products that are healthier for you. For example:
Fill up on fruit and vegetables
Mix up your protein and add tofu to your stir fry
Tahini and 100% nut butters are incredibly versatile so great to have in the cupboard
Add whole grains to salads (couscous and quinoa)
For healthier snacking try a handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruits
Dairy, soy and almond milk help to hydrate
Oats and muesli keep you full and satisfied
Eat lean meat for zinc and iron

Question: Why did Woolworths introduce a Macro Organic fruit and vegetables range?

Monique Cashion: Customers are at the heart of every decision we make at Woolworths, so the introduction of the Macro Organic range was in response to the demand we saw from our customers for quality and affordable organic food. Thanks to our partnerships with growers and organic suppliers, we have been able to continue to extend the availability of the range and now have more organic products on our shelves than ever before. This means it's easy for customers to add great quality and great value organic foods into their shopping basket.

Question: Which Woolworths Macro Organic products are best value for money?

Monique Cashion: Buying organic doesn't need to be expensive. Choosing produce in season or on promotion is the most cost-effective way to include organic fruit and vegetables in your diet. Many shoppers are also surprised to find that items from Woolworths Macro Organic range, such as canned legumes, pasta, pasta sauce, honey and long life milk, cost less than $1 more than their non-organic alternatives.

Across September, Woolworths will have a number of items from its Macro Organic range on special including Coconut Water, Natural Corn Chips, Passata, Spaghetti and Quinoa, with Organic Avocados, Organic Corn and Organic Navels coming into season within the produce department.

Question: Can you talk us through how Woolworths works with organic farmers?

Monique Cashion: Woolworths works closely with a committed group of Organic Farmers located in various parts of Australia. Woolworths relationship with organic growers means we have the best available, freshest in season Organic produce on our shelves for our customers.

Question: How does the Woolworths Macro Organic range stay competitive pricing?

Monique Cashion: At Woolworths we are committed to making significant investments in price to ensure our customers pick up the savings and get great value when they fill up their baskets across a range of everyday products. As organics continues to increase in popularity we are also able to further work with producers and suppliers to ensure we are able to meet the growing demand and continue to ensure organics is an affordable and viable option for our customers.

The Macro Organic range is available exclusive at Woolworths Supermarkets nationwide and across September, customers can find a number of items from the range on special offer.

Interview by Brooke Hunter