Loren Kate Til Night Meets The Sun Interview

Loren Kate Til Night Meets The Sun Interview

Loren Kate Til Night Meets The Sun Interview

Off the back of her impressive Telstra Road to Discovery win last year, Loren Kate presents her new single, When You Leave (out September 7) and EP, Til The Night Meets The Sun, set for release on October 9. Loren will be celebrating with a recording trip and a few gigs in Nashville in September, before returning home for a national tour kicking off at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton on October 9, swinging through Melbourne, Bunbury, Fremantle, Maldon, Adelaide, Bellingen and finishing up at the Mullum Music Fest in Mullumbimby on Nov 21 and 22.

First single, When You Leave is an exquisitely heartfelt folk country tune with a warm Australiana feel. Written for Loren's ex-partner who passed away two years ago, the generous and beautifully intimate storytelling invites us in to Loren's life and in just four minutes portrays a genuine sense of the pain and loss, and the depth of friendship and love shared between the two. 'He was a dear friend and a big teacher in my life," says Loren. 'On the way to the hospital to say my last goodbye, this song started writing itself. I was trying to find the words to say, but what can you say to someone who's about to pass away? I just wanted him to feel my love, and take it with him."

Explaining the interesting way in which the video clip came about, Loren says, 'I happen to live in this amazing -Arts Eco Village' in South Australia. The village has so many talented people including photographer and film maker, Emily McAllen who filmed the clip. The animation was put together by a good friend called Kevin Chan, he lives 3 doors up. I love working at grassroots level with people just starting out, people with a huge passion for artistic expression. Both Kevin and Emily really understand me and can feel what I'm trying to achieve, so it was easy to bounce ideas and create the clip."

A gorgeously emotive EP, rich with storytelling folk tunes, Til Night Meets The Sun was written over two years and tells intimate tales of Loren's childhood, the relationship between her mother and father, losing an ex-partner 'and the anxiety and strength that came with turning thirty," Loren explains. 'I wasn't planning to make a new record, I was actually planning to have a baby of the human variety, and then I won the Telstra Road to discovery and decided to do both!" The EP was recorded between The Music Cellar and Studio Goonga (Glen Hannah's home studio) and produced by Glen Hannah (Felicity Urquhart, Chasing Bailey, Kim Cheshire), mixed and mastered by Jeff McCormack (Kasey Chambers, Shane Nicholson).

After winning Telstra Road to Discovery last year, Loren beams, 'The moment they announced my name I felt this sense of relief, like all of the sudden there were more possibilities and opportunities. Sometimes as an independent musician I feel like I'm carrying huge rocks up massive mountains. Winning the Telstra Road to Discovery meant I had a team of people, a year of mentoring and the funding to move those rocks more efficiently."

Tickets to the national tour are on sale now
View the clip for When You Leave
Listen to the EP Til Night Meets The Sun 

Loren Kate National Tour Dates

Saturday 10 October: The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton, Sa | 18+
Wednesday 14 October: The Toff In Town, Melbourne, Vic | 18+
Friday 23 October: Red Mill Store, Bunbury, Wa | All Ages |
Saturday 24 October: House Concert, Fremantle, Wa | All Ages | Private Concert
Sunday 25 October: Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle, Wa | All Ages
Saturday 31 October – Sun 1 November: Maldon Folk Festival, Vic | All Ages
Saturday 7 November: Vegan Festival, Adelaide, Sa | All Ages | Free
Sunday 8 November: The Cheese Factory Studio Gallery, Meadows, Sa | All Ages
Thursday 19 November: No.5, Bellingen, Nsw | All Ages
Saturday 21 November - Sun 22 November: Mullum Music Fest, Mullumbimby, Nsw | All Ages

Tickets available from http://www.mullummusicfestival.com

Interview with Loren Kate

Question: What have you been up to since Telstra Road to Discovery?

Loren Kate: I've been so so busy! I recorded a new EP, had a baby, made a film clip, decided to homeschool my daughter… life has been hectic!

Question: How would you describe Til Night Meets The Sun?

Loren Kate: It's an emotive folk-country EP of a collection of songs written over the last two years… Its dark at times but a moment of light and hope always follows.

Question: What inspired When You Leave?

Loren Kate: My ex-partner passed away 2 years ago and on the way to the hospital to say goodbye, -When You Leave' started writing itself.

I was finding it hard to come up with what to say to someone who had such a huge impact on my life, on all I've become, and what I realised is that there are no words.. you just want them to take your love with them.

Question: What was it like filming the video clip for When You Leave?

Loren Kate: So fun! I live in an eco-village in South Australia and have so many talented people at hand. Emily McAllan filmed it, she lives down the road my good friend Kevin Chan, turned my drawings into an animation. He had never done anything like it before… it was great to watch it all come together.

Question: How would you describe your music?

Loren Kate: I'm no good at describing my own music but recently a woman said this… and I liked it.

'Loren's music shoots straight through your ears, fills your lungs, waters yours eyes, warms your heart, is felt in the pit of your stomach & circulates electricity along your channels"

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Loren Kate: I love all the old storytelling singer/songwriters.. Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman… lately I've been loving Old Crow Medicine Show and Gillian Welch.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Loren Kate: Performing live… but I do love recording.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Loren Kate: Finding the balance between playing music, writing music, music business and being a mum.

Question: What's a typical day like?

Loren Kate: Waking early to hungry children, putting a load of nappies in the washing machine, setting up a craft activity for my daughter, getting the baby to sleep, hanging out washing, then playing some music. Lunch then bike riding, walking, checking the mailbox. Baby sleeps, I do some work on the computer. Partner comes home, we cook dinner, put kids to bed…. And if we're not completely exhausted… play some music, or do some work… or watch a movie.

Breathe out.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Loren Kate: Connecting with audiences, sharing moments.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Loren Kate: Glen Hansard.

Question: Do you have a website fans can visit?

Loren Kate: www.lorenkate.com.au

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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